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Tara west Residents Blockade QGC from Surat Basin

The residents of Tara west, Brisbane are blocking the Queensland Gas Company (QGC) from conducting seismic testing in the Surat Basin north west of Toowoomba. They have been joined by environmental group Friends of the Earth in their endeavor.

Drew Hutton from the Friends of the Earth said that the meeting with QGC officials yesterday did not solve anything. He felt that the company was merely staging a tactical retreat at this point and they wanted the company to do much more than that.

The 25 people who took part in the blockade included landowners who said that they were being affected by noise and air pollution from the company's wells. They wanted action from the management before it moved on with plans for its multibillion dollar LNG project in the region.

They have blocked QGC trucks, which contain seismic measuring equipment parked at a camp near Tara, from re-entering the road. As per a QGC spokesman they only had one more day worth of seismic testing to carry out in the area, but were happy to put off their plans until landowner concerns had been addressed.

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