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Strikes Over in Bolivian Mining Region

The 19 day long protest in Bolivia's Potosi province was finally brought to an end with the protestors lifting the blockade of the airport and major roads.

The demands for proper infrastructure seems to have made some inroads to fulfilment as protestors brought the almost three week long protest to a halt.

Food supply chains have resumed as well. The governor Felix Gonzalez welcomed the end of the strike as the protestors reached a deal with the government. The strike had begun as President Morales was seen not to be delivering on election promises.

The silver mines which have practically been under siege and had to stop production again began work this week. Sumitomo Co. said its silver - zinc - lead mine San Cristobal had resumed operations. However the world's largest silver mine, San Bartolome, owned by Coeur D'Alene could not yet comment on resuming operations.

The strike is sure to affect the exports from the Potosi region which stood at about $880 million for metals in the first half of 2010.

Celebrating protesters burnt an effigy of Morales. This reflected a mood in sharp contrast to the strong support that Morales had enjoyed in Potosi when he was re-elected just eight months ago.

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