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Black Hawk Exploration Announces Phase I Drilling at Layton Zone

Black Hawk Exploration, (OTCM: BHWX), a diversified Oil and Gas, Gold, Silver, Lithium, and Potash exploration company, has announced the first phase of start-up plans on our 2011 well program announced to commence Wednesday, February 16th have been completed and drilling on the Sellers #1(B) will start immediately.

Exploration depth has been increased to include the historically prolific Layton, Mississippi and Arbuckle zones. Historical production from the Layton Zone alone produced over 30 barrels of oil per day and BHWX hopes to match and exceed these numbers with the application of modern technology.

Upon completion of the drill program, a massive Slick Water Frac, to improve historic production numbers, is scheduled. Select data from the immediately surrounding wells show the Moon wells in the SE/4, when receiving a frac in the Mississippi zone and had good initial production and continued cumulative production.  The Moon #1 well in the NE/4 and the Kindt well in the SE/4 received a frac in the Mississippi zone and produced low initial production and low cumulative production which we attributed to less than adequate frac size.  The Sellers 'B' 2 well was completed in the Layton zone without a frac and had a good IP but low cumulative production. The frac sizes (with data) ranged from 22,000 to 35,000 lbs of sand.  Black Hawk will perform a modern large scale frac procedure on the Sellers 'B' well designed for 103,500 lbs of proponent, which is 3 to 4 times the size of previous fracs targeting an area known to have Mississippi zone oil.


Exploration Plans on the Black Hawk three square mile contiguous potassium and associated chlorides (Lithium) leases located within the prolific Paradox Salt Basin, San Juan County, Utah are being prepared for early Spring start-up.  

Source: Black Hawk Exploration

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