South Africa's ANC Wants 60% of Anglo American

The African National Congress Youth League President hopes to gain 60% of the Anglo American mining company in South Africa. Julius Malema said that what Anglo American did with the other 40% was their own business at a gala dinner on Friday in Nelspruit. He also responded to the query about nationalization of mines in the nation by saying that it would happen in his lifetime.

He was speaking to companies controlled by whites and not sharing enough wealth with blacks when he said share that delicious piece of cake. Don’t eat it all alone! He was received with loud applause. It has been Malema’s suggestion that the nationalization of mines will help reduce the current unemployment problem being faced by the black youth in South Africa.

Malema added that when Anglo American had agrees to give 51% of its mining interests to black people in Botswana why don’t they want to do it in South Africa. His supporters applauded his sentiment that political freedom was useless without economic freedom. He said that they were now economic freedom fighters. Adding that they did not have to apologize or be shy about this struggle.

The man has single-handedly speared the nationalization debate forward in the ANC. Considering that the country has the world’s largest mineral reserves nationalization will affect more than one foreign company currently functioning there. Many ANC leaders do not agree with the nationalization policy that he advocates.

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