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Blue Horizon Mining Completes Initial Exploration at Kodi Property

Blue Horizon Mining has performed an initial exploration campaign at Kodi property. The campaign included a soil survey and an aerial geophysical survey. The area of this property is 505.49 ha and is situated at the town of Salmo’s northern part in British Columbia and at the eastern part of Erie Creek and contiguous to the second relief mine.

Aerial geophysical survey for 112 line-km was done by Geotech over the Kodi property by means of its versatile time-domain electromagnetic (VTEM) geophysical system. This system is ideal to trace the isolated conductive anomalies and to map the resistivity differences, vertically and laterally. It has a high-sensitivity cesium magnetometer present in this system to outline the geologic characteristics. Initial data of the survey has been sent to the project chief geologist, Rick Walker. The survey results are pending.

Wildhorse Silviculture had also performed a soil sampling at the property, which included around 13.5 line km totally, and recovered 354 soil samples from the intervals of 50 m over the Kodi property. The company delivered the samples to the Loring Laboratories in Calgary, to conduct inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis.

BH mining’s Senior VP of operations, has commented that the company is looking forward to obtain and assess the survey results and is anticipating a strong potential for mineralization. Data from the two campaigns will enable scheduling a next exploration, that will be targeted at additionally appraising the mineral prospective at the Kodi property.


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