Queensland Mining Industry Says It's Driving the Economy

Miners in Queensland claim that they still drive the economy of the state as one in eight jobs in the state is related to the mining industry.

They say that one in every five dollars that is spent in the state is also related to the mining and resources sector.

There are others who do not feel that the mining industry is quite the boon to the state of Queensland that it makes itself out to be. However the sector has some impressive statistics for the last financial year even with the disastrous floods thrown in.

The head of the Queensland Resources Council, Michael Roche said that in the greater Mackay region, they were sitting at about two-thirds of all jobs directly and indirectly. In the Fitzroy region, picking up Rockhampton and Gladstone, well over half, and of course it was not surprising that the north-west around the Mt Isa area was again around two-thirds.

He added that the good news was the communities were endorsing the importance of the mining and gas sectors in the state, but they also had expectations of much higher standards of performance regarding environmental performance.

As per the Queensland Resources Sector Growth Outlook Study the mining industry has 66 projects in various stages of completion representing a capital expenditure of $142 billion till 2020. There will also be the need for 40,000 workers in these projects translating to 4-5 extra jobs in the state per project.

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