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Kosmos Energy Encounters Light Oil in Enyenra-4A Appraisal Well

Kosmos Energy has returned considerable light oil in several high-quality reservoirs in the Enyenra-4A appraisal well, which is situated in the Deepwater Tano Block offshore Ghana.

The results from the complete analysis, which includes reservoir pressures, fluid samples and wireline logs, have shown that the Enyenra-4A well returned 32 m of net oil pay.

The location of this appraisal well is around 7 km towards the southern part of the Enyenra-2A well and almost 21 km towards the southern part of Enyenra-3A well. The well’s pressure data has shown that the oil is in static connection with the other wells, hence specifying a continuous column of oil of around 600 m.

Kosmos’ CEO, Darrell McKenna commented that the Enyenra-4A appraisal well produces encouraging results for the company, as it validated the field’s downdip expansion and returned more net pay at this site. Currently, the company has demonstrated reservoirs’ static communication when they are separated by over 13 mi. Further appraisal works conducted at the field will enable the pressure gauge monitoring, which is installed in several wells in order to find the dynamic communication. The Enyenra-4A additionally improves the momentum after the submission of a development plan.

The Enyenra-4A well was drilled by the Ocean Olympia rig to 4,174 m of total depth in water of 1,878 m. The company will conduct a drill stem test at the Ntomme-2A well’s oil zone located on the Deepwater Tano Block, before submitting a development plan for the Enyenra, Ntomme and Tweneboa project. It is performing injectivity tests at Enyenra-4A well in order to offer significant data for the water injection system’s design.


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