U3O8 Begins Drill Program on Berlin Project, Colombia

Canadian-based company, U3O8 has announced that a 20,000 m drill campaign is ongoing on the Berlin project in Colombia.

The goal of the drill program is to infill drill a potential target with 20 to 25 mlb of uranium, vanadium, phosphate, rare earth metals, and other metals. This target is located north of the National Instrument 43-101 resource in Berlin. The drill program also aims to define the entire size potential of the Berlin deposit.

The company has outlined a National Instrument 43-101 resource of 1.5 mlb uranium Indicated and 19.9 mlb uranium of Inferred resources; 0.8 Mt phosphate; and 97 mlb vanadium on 3 km of the Berlin trend.

The National Instrument 43-101 resource indicates that there may be an abstract uranium target of 9-10 Mt at 0.09% to 0.11% U3O8 grade on a further 2 km of the Berlin trend and a prospective target of 32-36 Mt at 0.09% to 0.11% U3O8 grade on the total 10.5 km trend. In the north of the Berlin resource region, exploration was inadequate to delineate a mineral resource, and it is doubtful if additional exploration will result in more mineral resources on the property.

U3O8’s President and CEO, Dr. Richard Spencer stated that in view of the huge size potential and the worth of the combined commodities, the Berlin Project is emerging into a company-maker for U3O8. Most importantly, the value of the commodities that exist along with the uranium can be easily obtained from the ore. The company has extracted 97% of the phosphate and uranium, 96% of the yttrium, 82% of the neodymium, and 79% of the vanadium.

U3O8 Corp′s Berlin boasts elements for clean energy and food production

Spencer added that the prior data had indicated that Berlin is a black shale deposit, which makes it difficult to extract metals. Recently a Master of Science study, headed by uranium expert Professor Kurt Kyser and carried out by Andres Caceres at Canada’s Queen's University, has confirmed that Berlin is a remobilized, stratabound uranium deposit.

Source: http://www.u3o8corp.com/

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