Olympus NDT and REFLEX to Work Together to Bring the REFLEX XRF Connect and REFLEX HUB to the Minerals Industry

REFLEX and Olympus NDT are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to bring the REFLEX™ XRF Connect™ and REFLEX HUB Data Management solution to the global minerals market and associated industries.

REFLEX and Olympus, both innovation leaders in their fields, have combined their technologies to launch the XRF and Data Management solution, which incorporates immediate on-site geochemical data analysis with seamless data aggregation, QAQC and remote access through REFLEX HUB.

The breakthrough delivering significant improvements in efficiency comes from the geochemical analysis built into REFLEX HUB, providing results in real-time as new data is generated on site. Data from the Olympus DELTA handheld XRF analyzer is transformed into information immediately for effective, timely decision making without the delays and inefficiencies associated with off-site assay testing.  Olympus' range of DELTA handheld XRFs provide rapid in-situ elemental concentrations in exploration, mining, process control and environmental samples saving companies considerable amounts of time and money.

REFLEX Geochemistry, a global team of experienced geochemistry consultants, will provide further analytical support to enhance operational success.

Commenting on the key benefits of the combined technologies, REFLEX’s Chief Executive, Mr. Derek Loughlin, said:

“Customers will receive the XRF’s remarkable instant geochemistry results and access to data from any location via REFLEX HUB’s central database. This will dramatically improve the efficiency and timeliness of analysis and decision making for geologists and resource companies.”

Both REFLEX and Olympus are enthusiastic about the partnership and the potential for future development projects.

“REFLEX focuses on new product development that improves productivity for its customers. We are excited about the opportunities the Olympus partnership presents to create faster, more effective ways for geochemical data to be collected in real time and interpreted. We are particularly excited about developing Lab-at-Rig technologies, which leverages both companies experience and skill sets and will dramatically transform the mineral exploration industry”, added Mr. Loughlin.

Todd Houlahan, Director International Mining Group, Olympus Analytical Instruments Division supported this sentiment:

“This partnership between our companies is a natural alliance between two market leaders in the field of geochemistry. The role of Olympus as the geochemical data collector (via Handheld XRF) and Reflex’s role as data manager (via HUB), each party can continue to focus on its core strengths. However, by combining our expertise through this alliance, the market is provided with the holistic field data management solution that it has been seeking for some time. We anticipate that the improved workflows and efficiencies that will be obvious to the exploration and mining market can be applied to multiple industries and customers worldwide.”

REFLEX and Olympus will continue to collaborate on additional research and development projects, new initiatives and training programs, bringing the efficiencies of Lab-at-Rig technology and the expertise of REFLEX Geochemistry directly to the drill site.

The partnership will also significantly benefit from their association with the Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre’s projects, which aim to develop transformational technologies for more successful, cheaper and safer ways to drill, analyze and target deep mineral deposits in the mineral exploration industry.

New developments will be supported by REFLEX Geochemistry and Olympus’ specialist International Mining Group of experienced geological industry professionals.  Both REFLEX and Olympus have extensive global distribution networks and strategic operational centers in all key mining regions of the world.

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