High-Throughput Mineral Analyzer SEM - TIMA-X

The TIMA-X automated mineralogy instrument available from TESCAN allows fast quantitative analysis of samples like tailings, leach residues, ores, rocks, concentrates, or smelter products.

The TIMA-X system combines EDX and BSE analysis for recognizing minerals and developing images of examined mineral images to establish mineral concentrations, element distributions, and mineral texture properties, for example, grain-size, association, liberation, and locking parameters. Furthermore, the TIMA-X can detect bright phases comprising the platinum group, gold, silver, rare earth, and other minerals.

The TIMA-X system uses the latest software and up to four EDAX element silicon drift detectors to significantly enhance both performance and dependability. The advanced design of the TIMA-X detectors enhances sensitivity to light elements and keeps energy resolution stable even at very high count rates.

The TIMA-X detectors are very well matched with both EDAX Quantitative EDX and TIMA operation systems, thus allowing users to gain from the maximum speed of TIMA-X while preserving the features of standards-based quantitative analyses.

The TIMA-X software comes with various amazing features like low element detection limits with its patented pixel analysis algorithms and a whole new generation of mineral identification tools.

For high-throughput applications, the TIMA-X can be combined with the AutoLoader™—a robotic sample loading system for uninterrupted and unsupervised measurement of about 100 epoxy blocks. AutoLoader enhances productivity by changing mineralogy measurement from a batch process to an uninterrupted process by removing chamber pump-down and manual sample exchange.

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