Haul Truck Wear Plates Protect Against Sliding Abrasion Damage

NanoSteel Company, an advanced nano-structured steel material designs company, has developed innovative and proprietary environmentally-friendly steel alloys based on nanotechnology. These steel alloys improve the value of steel to a great extent in many industrial applications.

The NanoSteel’s Super Hard Steel (SHS) alloys are nanoscale microstructures that can be used as metallic coatings in various industries such as mining, oil & gas, power generation, cement, and concrete. The SHS alloys are applied using thermal spray and weld overlay processes to industrial components, thereby enhancing the service life in environments of wear and corrosion and preventing expensive replacements/alternatives and environmentally harmful chrome plating.

Problem – Massive Sliding Abrasion Damage In Haul Truck Bed

A hard rock mine in the Southwest USA had to face sliding abrasion damage in haul truck bed. To perform a comparative study between the relative wearing of a NanoSteel overlay wear plate and a 500 Brinell wear plate, in October 2007 a NanoSteel overlay wear plate was installed in the rear section of the bed of a 240 ton haul truck used in the mine where the extent of sliding abrasion damage was the most.

Results - Minimal Wear to NanoSteel Plate

  • In March 2008, a performance inspection revealed that there was very little surface abrasion damage on the NanoSteel wear plate even after hauling 1.2 million tons of ore. It was noted that the weld texture of the NanoSteel wear plate remained clearly visible.

    Figure 1. Nanosteel plate (9'×8') at installation in October 2007.

    Figure 2. NanoSteel plate in March 2008 after hauling 1.2 million tons.

  • In September 2008, a second performance inspection revealed that the NanoSteel wear plate after hauling 3.2 million tons of ore showed very little surface abrasion damage, whereas the 500 Brinell wear plate showed excessive wear reaching up to the heads of the bolts securing it to the truck bed. The 500 Brinell wear plate required immediate replacement while the NanoSteel wear plate still had service life remaining. The NanoSteel wear plate was further tested by direct impact with a shovel dipper, which it survived.

About Nanosteel

The NanoSteel Company is an advanced materials company which has created a unique and proprietary portfolio of nanotechnology based and environmentally friendly steel alloys that greatly increase the value of steel in most of today’s industrial applications.

Product success has been through the development of Super Hard Steel® (SHS) alloys which feature nanoscale microstructures. SHS alloys are for use as metallic coatings within power generation, mining, cement, concrete and oil & gas industries.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Nanosteel.

For more information on this source, please visit Nanosteel.


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