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Journal of Geochemical Exploration

Journal of Geochemical Exploration

The journal is dedicated to the publication of research studies that cover new developments in the application of analytical geochemistry and geoinformatics. Themes considered by the journal include geochemical exploration and the genesis of ore deposits and mineralized areas, environmental geochemistry and geology including the role of the surface environment and impacts on human health, metal transfer processes in mineralized areas, the evaluation of the effects of historical mining activities on the surface environment, and related studies. To create a platform for the repository of map-based geochemistry data, a new section entitled "For the record", is designated for publishing stand-alone geochemical mapping results.

In order to manage manuscripts from all fields of study, the chief editors have divided the journal into topical sections: studies related to geoinformatics, geochemical exploration (excluding petroleum and organic geochemistry), geochemical baseline mapping, urban geochemistry, and map-based environmental geochemistry, including site characterization and remediation, are managed by Prof. Benedetto De Vivo; studies involving applications of geochemistry to ore genesis, the environment and to human health, geochemical distribution processes in mineralized areas affecting the surface environment, and geochemometrics are managed by Dr. Robert Ayuso.

To further help in the delivery of high quality papers covering the breadth of themes to the journal, associate editors are assigned to individual papers within their own expertise from either editor.

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