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Vivakor Opens New Research & Development Lab to Monetize High-Demand Oil and Gas Natural Resources

Vivakor Inc. announced it has opened a research and development lab near its global headquarters facility in Irvine, CA. Last month Vivakor declared it is intensifying its activities in the area of rich, high demand natural resources.

The Company expressed that in addition to its next-generation, disruptive precious metals extraction technology, they are substantiating through their lab another major advantage in their growing capability to monetize rich, high demand oil and gas natural resources.

The lab environment will ultimately showcase the ability to demonstrate a fully scalable oil and gas operations model utilizing a proprietary extraction catalyst that will be unique to the industry. The Company has their attention on specific areas in the U.S. and across the globe where there is a sizable advantage to utilizing Vivakor's technology and methodology for extraction.

Chairman and CEO Matt Nicosia stated, "we are excited that we can continue to expand our operational capacity and productivity through this specific technology as we increase and diversify our natural resource focus. The recent expansion of precious metal extraction units with their strong metals yield, along with the oil and gas development that we are diligently working on is further solidifying our financials as we drive our stock toward an up-list to a major exchange. This is a vitally important pivot point for us and our shareholders."

Vivakor realizes a very strong 10 oz. (310 grams) gold equivalent yield per ton of ore processed through a highly efficient and optimized precious metals extraction technology and methodology. Vivakor's technology is proprietary and proven industry disruptive with a low cost basis per ton of ore processed from 18 sizable mining claims in Arizona and Colorado that have substantial in-ground valuation. The global industry average yield is merely 2 grams per ton processed with high operating costs.


Vivakor, Inc. (VIVK) is an Asset Acquisition company that develops and acquires resources that generate revenue currently or in the near term. The Company acquires technologies and assets primarily in the field of Natural Resources. Vivakor has several mineral assets that have great value and create cash flow and a long term, diverse revenue stream for the Company. Additionally, the Company has effectively acquired positions in other Green Energy companies. For more information please visit


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