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Bowmore Announces Results of Late Fall Exploration Program at Victoria Lake Property

Bowmore Exploration td. is pleased to announce the results of its late fall exploration program on the Victoria Lake Tin property located in southwestern New Brunswick, Canada.

The 2014 exploration program consisted of soil sampling and rock sampling of known mineralized zones or historical anomalies on three grids and five test lines spaced over a distance of 2.5 kilometres. One of the grids as well as two of the test lines occur on a fault structure that hosts numerous tin showings and historical intersections along a strike length of 3.5 kilometres. Results of the fall program were positive with soil anomalies returning up to 566 ppm tin (Sn) and rock chip samples returning up to 0.25% Sn over 1.2 metres.

Bowmore intends to pursue exploration work with additional soil sampling, mainly along the North and South extensions of the A (Keer East lake) and B grid anomalies to prepare for an eventual drill program.


The Property is composed of 126 claims covering approximately 3,100 hectares and is located in Charlotte County along the south west part of New Brunswick roughly 40 km west of Saint John City and 17.5 km SW of the Mount Pleasant Mine.

During November 2014, Bowmore conducted a detailed soil sampling program on Victoria Lake property totaling 611 soil (till) samples on three main grids (A, B and C) and sampled five test lines (TL1 to TL5) over mineralized zones previously discovered from historical exploration. The work consisted in taking soil (glacial till) samples at 25 meter interval along 50 meter spaced lines oriented NW. Additional rock samples were also taken from mineralized boulders and outcrops.

Grid A, (171 samples) covered a new sector where numerous Tin (Sn) occurrences from boulders and outcrops (0.08 to 1.4%Sn) were previously identified (2006-2012). Four anomalies greater than 17ppm Sn and peaking at 55ppm Sn, trending NW over a length of 625 meters with a width ranging from 55 to >120 meters has been delineated. The main anomaly is open to the NW toward Kerr East Lake and to the SW.

Grid B, 281 samples were taken and 70 samples were taken on test line TL1 and TL2 respectfully. The sampling was to re-evaluate geochemical anomalies identified by Falconcrest (1987) and Geodex Minerals (2007) on the North and South extensions of Sn greisen shears associated to IP (Induced Polarization) and kilometric VLF-EM anomalies detected by Noranda (1976) and Biliton (1983). The greisen shears are represented by the Mert Stuart and Mahood Brook showings and intercepts found in historical diamond drill holes VC83-01 to 04 (by Biliton 1983) are as follows:

  • 0.53% Sn (grab), Mert Stuart showing
  • 0.052% Sn/11 meters in hole VC83-03, near Mert Stuart showing
  • 0.063% Sn/6 meters in hole VC83-04, approximately150 meters south of Mert Stuart showing
  • 0.118% Sn/5.6 meters in hole VC83-02, approximately 400 meters North Mahood Brook showing
  • 0.134% Sn/18.2 meters in hole VC83-01 approximately 100 meters north Mahood Brook showing
  • 0.202%Sn/6 meters, Mahood Brook showing

On this grid, a cluster of 4 anomalies >30ppm Sn with a diameter ranging from 50 to 120 meters were delineated 600 to 1000 meters North of Mert Stuart showing, peaking at 100, 330, 105 and 118 ppm Sn respectively. On the same grid, 230 meters southeast, another important NS trending anomaly was identified, having over 100 meters diameter and peaking at 566 ppm Sn south of an EW trending fault and a kilometric VLF-EM anomaly setting along a topographic low. The geochemical signature upon the fault itself remains unknown since it is located under swampy area where no soil samples (till) could have been extracted.

Chip sample taken at Mert Stuart showing assayed 0.25%Sn and 81ppm W/1.2 meter. The showing is steeply dipping and trending ~NS, exposing a 3.4 meters wide limonitized and greisenized granite.

At 400 meters south of Mahood Brook showing, test lines TL1 and TL2t revealed an open NS trending anomaly (Sn >17ppm), >125 meter long by 100 meters wide peaking at 100 ppm Sn.

The kilometric IP and VLF anomalies, the Mahood Brook and Mert Stuart showings, the Sn intercepts from holes VC83-01 to 04 and the geochemical anomalies indentified in grid B are along the same NS trend (345 degrees) over a total distance of 3450 meters.

In grid C, 18 samples were taken surrounding the 0.436%Sn anomaly from a HMC sample (heavy mineral concentrate) taken by Biliton in 1983, with no significant results; two (2) values >17ppm, assaying 21 and 23 ppm Sn.

To the West, three other test lines (TL3 to TL5) totaling 71 samples were taken along the kilometric IP and VLF-EM anomalies that were drilled tested for copper by Noranda in the 70's and geochemical anomalies from Geodex Minerals (2007) revealed results 9 samples ranging from 18 to 53ppm Sn.

All samples were sent to ALS Global laboratory in Val D'Or. Prepared sample of (0.200 g) is added and fused with metaborate of lithium flux followed by inductively coupled plasma - mass spectrometry analysis (ICP-MS finish). For QaQc protocols, ALS Global inserted standards, blanks and duplicates at regular intervals. Please note that above described historical intercepts are coming from work done before 43-101 regulations applied and shall therefore not be relied upon. They can be considered as exploration targets needing reassessment by follow up exploration work.

Jean-Marie Pronovost, P. Geo., Chief Geologist for Bowmore, is the Qualified Person who has reviewed this news release and is responsible for the technical information reported herein.


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