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Neptec Introduces 3DRi Software Application for Automated Stockpile Monitoring

Neptec Technologies Corporation announced today the launch of a 3DRi™ Stockpile software application for automated stockpile monitoring for the mining industry.

3DRi Stockpiles uses a single or several OPAL laser scanners deployed around a cluster of stockpiles at a mine site to automatically monitor stockpile levels and report volumes. The dust-penetrating OPAL scanners are specifically designed for harsh, dusty environments and can be deployed around the stockpiles without any special, air-conditioned or heated enclosures. A network of only two to four OPAL scanners can be optimized to cover multiple large open-to-the-air stockpiles in a cluster. 3DRi (3D Real-time intelligence™) software technology from Neptec is used to perform all 3D data processing at the point-of-collection and in real-time, eliminating the need and cost of manual acquisition, transmission, and post-processing of huge 3D point cloud data sets to calculate stockpile volumes.

"Stockpiles inventories are a key financial metric for a mine, and an automated, accurate, and consistent way of getting this information has huge value to mine operators," said Dr. Jon Peck, President and CEO of Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. "In today's productivity environment, nobody has the time or the staff to post-process and manage huge amounts of 3D data. It's all about getting the answers quickly and focusing on running an efficient and safe mining operation."

Through a 3DRi web interface, users can remotely schedule scanning events, define individual stockpiles in a cluster, and customize the automatic reporting from simple volume reports to point cloud grid and surface files for each individual stockpile. Results can be emailed to users or easily exported to commonly used mine planning software packages or enterprise-level mine information systems.

"Our customers are asking us for 'more information, less data!' and that is what we continue to focus on as we roll out more productivity and safety applications based on our 3DRi software development kit and OPAL sensors," added Mike Sekerka, CEO of Neptec Technologies.

Neptec Technologies will be exhibiting at the CIM Expo 2015 in Montreal, QC (May 10-12, Booth 427) and Haulage and Loading 2015 in Phoenix, AZ (May 17-20, Booth 30). These applications are also available from Trimble, Neptec's global distribution partner in the mining industry.


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