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Robex Provides Update on Work Progress at Nampala Mine, Mali

Robex Resources Inc. is proud of the progress of the work at the Nampala mine, in Mali.

As mentioned on September 11, the Nampala mine is currently in operation. A small ball mill is used to process the coarse ore that had accumulated in 2014. The mill currently operates 24h / 24h, apart from technical shutdowns and maintenance. Its production is the subject of regular and significant progress. The production therefore increases daily.

The first conclusions of the current operations show that gold is fixing well onto the coal, which therefore means that the metallurgical process is working well. In addition, the gold grades show a concentration in the coarse ore slightly above the expected amount. The conclusions that explain this higher level can only be explained after having treated a larger volume of ore, however the company can already say that there are gold nuggets present in the ore. Nevertheless, it is too early to conclude that there is a higher content of gold throughout all of the ore but early results are encouraging.

Currently, the teams on site are working hard to optimize this phase by:

  1. improving the facilities to avoid blockages in the mine which are due to the rainy season, which makes treating the ore difficult; Fortunately the rainy season is currently ending;
  2. improving, on a regular basis the treatment process (pipes, pumps, mill) in order to remove successive blockages that appear as the flow increases;
  3. improving operations in order to maximize the daily availability rate (decrease the stop time of the ball mill);
  4. improving the metallurgical analysis and as a result mastering the operating parameters;
  5. improving operating procedures and finally;
  6. continuously forming on site teams.

Phase at 1,000 tonnes per day

The production will increase to a target of 1,000 tons per day (t / d) in early December. It is at that time that the scrubber will be in operation, two additional CIL tanks will be operational and the expansion of the power station will be completed. The mine will reach a rate of 1,000 t / d, which will allow the company to balance the flow of treasuries (cash flow). This very important step will allow the company to secure the level of cash flow.

Phase at 4,000 tonnes per day

The big ball mill and all the heavy equipment has arrived on site. The construction phase of the concrete structures is completed and that of the steel structures is well started. The installation of the equipment is in progress. The firm responsible for the overall construction indicates the starting date of the big ball mill, the two additional CIL tanks (to bring the total to six) and cyclone tower, at the end of first quarter of 2016 (March 2016).


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