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Graphite Foil Successfully Manufactured from Energizer 's Molo Flake Graphite Concentrate

Energizer Resources Inc. announces that it has received confirmation that an independent third party has successfully manufactured a graphite foil from the Company's Molo flake graphite concentrate and that initial test results indicate it has met all specifications and quality requirements for specialty graphite foil applications.

Independent advanced testing was performed by a leading European manufacturer of carbon-based products, who is recognized as a global leader in the use of natural flake graphite for the production of graphite foils for smartphones and tablets, gasket materials in automotive, petroleum, chemical and nuclear industries, and conductive plates in fuel cells and vanadium redox batteries. Energizer is a under a non-disclosure and confidentially agreement with this manufacturer.

The purpose of these tests being conducted was to ascertain the potential for Energizer's Molo deposit to be an alternative and sustainable natural source of flake graphite concentrate for the purpose of supplying the expandable graphite and specialty graphite foil applications market.

Energizer's President and CEO Craig Scherba, P. Geo. stated, "We are pleased to receive a highly reputable, third-party validation that our Molo concentrate can produce a high-quality, expandable graphite product to manufacture a graphite foil for specialty applications. This positions Energizer well for yet another high demand market for flake graphite."

Testing consisted of two separate 5 kilogram samples of +48 mesh (jumbo flake) Molo concentrate, grading 97% carbon, which was produced using a simple flotation process. It was then purified with standard methods to greater than 99.9% and then thermally expanded by the manufacturer and made into a foil.

Test results confirmed that the expansion volume of the Molo flake concentrate exceeded the current minimum performance standards of > 500 cc/g (< 2g/l) required by this manufacturer for its specialty products, while detecting no known impurities. While Energizer has received only positive results to date from other end-users who have tested for expanded graphite applications, the testing procedures undertaken by this specific manufacture is understood to be one of the most advanced of any end-market producer and is regarded as having the most stringent product quality and testing standards in the industry.

Results also confirmed that the minimum flake size required by this manufacturer for expandable graphite applications is +48 mesh (jumbo flake) and must be free of specific impurities. As confirmed by the Company's Feasibility Study dated February 6th, 2015 titled 'Molo Feasibility Study', 23.6% of the flake from the Molo deposit would qualify as +48 mesh (jumbo size) variety.

Expandable graphite (foils) is the fastest growing market for flake graphite and represents approximately 10% of the global consumption of natural graphite. Expandable graphite in its foil form is used as a heat sink and sealant for consumer electronics, specifically in smartphones, tablets, laptop screens, flat panel televisions and solar panel arrays. Foils are also used in fuel cells, vanadium redox flow batteries, in seals and gaskets for the chemical and automotive industries, fire retardants, and many other products.


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