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Rogue Reports High Purity Silica Drill Core Assays from Lac de la Grosse Femelle Silica Project

Rogue Resources Inc. is pleased to announce high purity silica SiO2 drill core assays of up to 99.8% have been received from the Lac de la Grosse Femelle silica project located approximately 42 kilometers north of Baie-Saint Paul, Québec, and 4 km northeast of Sitec's operating silica mine.

The Company is also pleased to announce 5,762 meters ("m") of the planned 7,500 m drill program have been completed to date. The drill program is testing the extent of Quartzite Unit "G" and the newly discovered "H" Quartzite unit, including their purity, depth, width and the length of extension below surface. Upon receiving all of the assays and compiling the results, an independent firm will be tasked with preparing a NI43-101 compliant resource report and a corresponding Preliminary Economic Assessment ("PEA").

Anzaplan Site Visit Update

Dr. Reiner Haus of Dorfner Anzaplan was on site October 19th to 22nd, (see October 19, 2015 news release) examining the quartzite units and reviewing drill hole assay results. His examination led to identifying areas that Anzaplan will conduct further tests on. At Anzaplan's request, the Company has added an additional 600 m combination of PQ core (85 millimeter ("mm") diameter inside/122.6 mm outside) and NQ core (47.6 mm diameter inside/75.7 mm outside) drilling to the current 7,500 m drill program.

Drilling of the NQ core for this program has already begun with PQ core drilling expected to begin imminently. Once completed, the 600 m of PQ and NQ will be shipped directly to Anzaplan in Germany for a number of processing tests, including chemical purity, thermal stability (decrepitation), shock tests, sensor-based sorting, mineralogical characterization, (mineral dressing and conventional comminution), physical treatment (attrition, magnetic separation, flotation, high tension separation), chemical processing, and laboratory melting tests.

Contract signed with Anzaplan as Engineering and Consulting partner

The Company has signed a contract with Anzaplan to serve Rogue as a consulting and engineering partner for complete project advancement, beginning with providing the first evaluation of the potential of the Femelle property quartzite in different high value applications. Anzaplan is a full service specialist in high-value industrial and strategic minerals offering international customers a complete one-stop shopping solution across all phases of the economic evaluation and development of industrial, specialty and strategic minerals projects such as high purity quartz. Testing and analyses are carried out in their own laboratories and test center, using state-of-the-art analytical methods or pilot plant processing.

"The site visit by Dr. Haus of Anzaplan has advanced our project immensely by way of his insight into the geology and the recommendations made. Having Anzaplan involved at this early stage gives the Company the technical direction required, provides considerable time-saving advantages, and ultimately allows for exploration efficiencies that may help reduce exploration costs and advance the silica project more quickly", commented John de Jong, CEO and President. "The drill core assays continue to support the high purity silica outcomes first reported in our channel sample assays and we look forward to receiving the remaining results."

Bulk Sample Update

To date, 150 kilograms ("kg") (100 kg white quartzite and 50 kg pink quartzite) of the 250 kg surface bulk sample sent to Anzaplan have been assayed, returning respective results of 99.3% and 99.0% SiO2, 0.36% and 0.52% Al2O3, 0.007% and 0.1% Fe2O3, 0.036% and 0.07% TiO2 respectively (see Table 4). Anzaplan will continue testing all of the material, evaluating the samples and determining the method of high purity processing required to convert the raw quartz to high purity products. Their evaluation of the bulk sample and the pending shipment of PQ and NQ drill core will be included in the resource studies to be conducted once all of the assay and test results have been received.

Drill Program Update

To view a drill plan map, click on the URL below:

The drill program plan for 2015 is comprised of 7,500 m, with Phase One drilling of 3,693 m completed and Phase Two currently at 2069 m, leaving approximately 1738 m of drilling left to complete the program. The 300 additional meters of NQ core drilling that Anzaplan requested has begun with the 300 m of PQ core drilling expected to begin imminently. Although this drill request is in addition to the initial 7,500 m program, all of the drilling is scheduled to be completed by mid-to-late November by the two on-site drills. As part of the Company's commitment to preserve the local fauna and forest, remediation of each drill site and access point takes place immediately upon completing the drilling at each location, and as the project progresses.

To date, 40 drill holes have been completed, GF15-1 to GF15-38 (Table 1 and 2), for a total of 5,762 m. 34 drill holes (Table 2) have been drilled on the G Quartzite and have intersected widths of up to 112 m of quartzite, drilled between the holes GF15-1 on section 600W and GF15-35 section 1300E, a quartzite strike of 1,900 m (Figure 1). The G quartzite has a true width between 32 m and 94 m of white to pinkish-red quartzite that is coarse, crystalline and massive to banded.

On the eastern side of Quartzite G, 11 drill holes have been drilled (Figure 1), intersecting quartzite over a strike length of 615 m, with true widths of 35 m to 76 m that widens and remains open eastward. The quartzite is white, coarse, crystalline, and massive. On Quartzite H (located 225 m north of Quartzite G), six drill holes have been completed to date (GF15-4, GF15-24, GF15-26, GF15-27, GF15-29 and GF15-31), with drilling ongoing, intersecting between 44 m and 60 m of white quartzite, coarse grained, crystalline and massive. The quartzite has a strike length of 520 m and is open to the east and west. All drilling remains on schedule and on budget.

To view drill tables, please click on the URL below:

Drill holes GF15-2, GF15-3, GF15-4 and GF15-5 assay results received are presented below. Please refer to (Tables 1, 1A, 1B, 1C) by clicking on the link provided above.

Drill Hole GF15-2 Details

  • Located on the southeast end of channel R7 and drilling under channel R7 on the "G" quartzite zone.
  • Total 139 samples with sampling length of 157.9 m
  • 138 samples in the quartzite; total length of 156.05 m or 75.5 m true width
  • 28 of 138 samples returning assays ranging from 99.0 to 99.6% SiO2 over combined width of 31.1 m

To view a section of drill holes 15-2, 15-3 and 15-5, click on the URL below:


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