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Claude Resources Reports Positive Results from Santoy Mine Complex

Claude Resources Inc. announces continued positive results from its 2015 underground and recently commenced 2016 surface drill programs at its 100% owned Santoy Mine Complex. In addition, the Company announces an 83,000 metre drill program at the Seabee Gold Operation for 2016.

Brian Skanderbeg, President and CEO commented, "Our drill results continue to demonstrate the high grade nature of the Santoy Mine Complex and the opportunity to expand the resource base. Our camp is underexplored and with the strength of our balance sheet, we are in a position to invest in exploration to extend the already robust mine life at the Seabee Gold Operation. We are excited to initiate an aggressive 2016 drill program focusing on targets close to infrastructure, expanding our reserves and exploring greenfield targets such as Carr. The Carr target is the strike extension of the Santoy Mine trend that has had minimal drilling and hosts similar characteristics to the Santoy Mine Complex. Having several prospective targets in front of us, we expect 2016 to be an exciting year on the exploration front."

Hole ID Zone From (m) Uncut (g/t) Cut (g/t) True Width (m) Drill Program
SUG-15-057 9C 347.50 10.95 10.95 1.19 Gap UG
SUG-15-061 9C 321.60 37.01 22.89 1.02 Gap UG
SUG-15-062 9C 276.20 137.58 41.99 1.12 Gap UG
SUG-15-063 9C 258.80 6.99 6.99 1.44 Gap UG
SUG-15-317 9A 123.90 22.77 16.23 4.24 Gap UG
SUG-15-327 9A 195.00 11.45 11.45 3.45 Gap UG
SUG-16-011 9A 132.60 11.29 11.29 9.47 Gap UG
SUG-15-937 8A 541.50 6.30 6.30 1.76 8A UG
SUG-15-940 8A 524.60 7.44 7.44 12.96 8A UG
JOY-16-693 9A 195.00 11.15 11.15 2.84 Gap Up-dip
JOY-16-697 9A 204.43 7.33 7.33 4.40 Gap Up-dip
JOY-16-700 9A 143.80 29.16 29.16 6.26 Gap Up-dip
JOY-16-701 9A 129.30 52.80 52.80 2.09 Gap Up-dip
JOY-16-707 9A 107.90 66.77 66.77 1.14 Gap Up-dip
JOY-16-708 9A 111.42 13.94 13.94 5.07 Gap Up-dip
JOY-16-710 9A 105.45 7.23 7.23 2.10 Gap Up-dip

Santoy Gap Up-Dip Target

Drill results from the Santoy Gap up-dip program have been very encouraging and demonstrate the potential for resource and reserve expansion. Results are highlighted by hole JOY-16-700, which graded 29.16 g/t (cut) over 6.26 metres true width and hole JOY-16-701 that graded 52.80 g/t (cut) over 2.09 metres true width; these holes were drilled approximately 140 metres below surface and 80 metres above current infrastructure. These results are important as they are proximal to current mining infrastructure, display consistent high grade over significant widths and can be integrated in the mine plan in the short term.

Santoy Gap Deep

Further drilling results within, down-dip and down-plunge of the Santoy Gap resource are increasing the confidence in the continuity of the deposit at depth. Holes SUG-15-062 of 41.99 g/t (cut) over 1.12 metres true width and previously released SUG-15-048 of 30.54 g/t (cut) over 1.15 metres true width (See news release dated October 19, 2015), the deepest hole ever drilled at the Santoy Gap, demonstrate the high grade and mineable widths present at depth. Beyond growing the resource at depth, this program is crucial for mid-to-long term mine planning at the Santoy Mine Complex.

Santoy 8 Down-plunge

Preliminary intercepts of the Santoy 8 down-plunge target indicated higher grades and greater widths than have typically been mined within the shallower sections of the Santoy 8 deposit. Initial step-out drilling in 2013 returned 22.89 g/t (cut) over 5.90 metres true width in hole JOY-13-692, one of the best drill intercepts recorded in the camp. Follow-up drilling returned 7.44 g/t (cut) over 12.96 metres true width in hole JOY-15-940, confirming the strong width and high grades present in the Santoy 8 down-plunge continuity. This target area will be a core focus for the 2016 drill program and is important for long-term resource growth at the Santoy Mine Complex.

2016 Drill Program Summary

For 2016, the Company has planned a $2.5 million (18,000 metre) surface exploration program for the Seabee Gold Operation. The exploration program is designed to focus on resource growth at the Santoy Mine Complex and the Seabee Gold Mine and to test for new discoveries at the Carr and Herb West targets.

At the Santoy Mine Complex, 4,000 metres will focus on up-dip infill targets at the Santoy Gap and the remaining 11,000 metres will target the down-plunge and down-dip continuity of the Santoy Gap and Santoy 8 deposits to a vertical depth of 1,100 metres over a strike length of 1.5 kilometres. The Carr target, which is approximately four kilometres north of the Santoy Mine Complex, will have a total of 2,000 metres of drilling over a two kilometre strike-length. The Carr target is interpreted as the extension of the Santoy Mine Complex system and hosts surface grab samples of up to 90 g/t and has seen minimal historic drilling.

Exploration proximal to the Seabee Gold Mine will be focused two kilometres north at the Herb West target. The Herb West surface drill program will consist of approximately 1,000 metres testing a parallel structure to the Seabee Gold Mine.

In addition to the surface exploration programs, the Company will conduct approximately 65,000 metres of infill and step-out drilling from underground to focus on Mineral Reserve and Resource growth. Approximately 45,000 metres will be focused on the Santoy Mine Complex and 20,000 metres at the Seabee Gold Mine. The program will utilize four Company-owned drill rigs and test targets from up to seven underground drill platforms.


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