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Osceola Gold Signs Subsurface Scanning Agreement with Geo Scan for Quick Mineral Discovery

Osceola Gold Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a subsurface scanning agreement with Geo Scan Inc., a Florida-based underground scanning and mapping company, to provide accurate data for quick mineral discovery, reducing the need for unnecessary drilling. GeoScan Inc. has been compensated and is expected to initiate imminently.

Geo Scan Inc. will initiate the proprietary Quantum Geo Protocols to pinpoint the areas enriched with the highest values of Gold minerals within a predefined claim location on the Osceola Mines Claim site. GeoScan will reveal the locations of interest based on data derived through satellite deep scanning of the areas tested. The location, depth, headings and size of deposits will be delineated, for the efficient and equitable discovery of the most profitable territories to excavate.

The results will be confirmed in the field by Osceola Inc. and projections based on the samples obtained can be included in Osceola's delineation for reserve value and if accessible, an inclusion to this season's mining operations.

Seeking to maximize the gold recovery, and allow for a very profitable mining venture in these mineral rich gravels, the Company will complete testing through the use of cutting edge proprietary Quantum Geo Analysis. This is a precursor to ground penetrating radar studies and satellite deep scanning and imaging, as well as targeted, on site, analytical work to determine the positioning and depths of the gold and silver concentrations in the gravels. The algorithms used will be able to provide quantitative value estimates, location and depth parameters.

This will allow for a very efficient and profitable short, medium, and long term planning of the mining operation, and assist in providing a strategic mining excavation plan for the entirety of the economic mineable gravels as well as the more concentrated target zones of high target metal concentrations.

"We are very happy to be moving forward, and excited to discover the value that is right under the surface, through the latest in Quantum technology," stated Christopher Tarquinio, Chief Executive Officer, Osceola Gold, Inc. He concluded: "We anticipate that we have turned the corner in our ventures, and will be keeping shareholders fully updated as developments evolve."


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