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Nevada Energy Metals Announces Surface Sampling Results from Blackrock Desert Lithium Project

Nevada Energy Metals Inc. "the Company", is pleased to announce that a surface sampling program designed to test for lithium (Li) values in playa evaporates has returned significant geochemical results at the Company's 100% owned Black Rock Desert Project in Nevada. Geochemical sample points were arranged on a grid pattern of 11 lines spaced 400 meters apart with stations every 200 meters along the lines. One hundred and seventy (170) soil samples were collected. Results ranged from 82.8 to 520 parts per million (ppm) lithium with a median value of 182 ppm. Twelve samples carried over 300 ppm Li.

The Black Rock Desert results are comparable to those obtained at Teels Marsh, Nevada by Dajin Resources Corp. (55 -460 ppm Li) and in clay separates at Clayton Valley, Nevada (300 - 1,100 ppm Li). It is not known what relationship if any exists between lithium values in clay concentrates and those in bulk soil samples.

These results show that dissolved lithium has been transported into this portion of the Black Rock Desert and is available for potential concentration by evaporative brines. The exploration model for the Black Rock Project is a Clayton Valley evaporative brine deposit as described in USGS Open File Report 2013-1006.

Samples were collected by a contract crew and transported to the ALS sample preparation lab in Elko, Nevada. Samples were screened to -80 mesh at the ALS prep lab in Reno, Nevada and analyzed by Aqua Regia leach mass spectrometry at the ALS laboratory in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada. QA/QC standards were inserted into the sample stream with one in twenty samples being a standard. All standards were within 3% of their accepted value of 750 ppm.

As a result of encouraging lithium values at the Black Rock Desert, the company has dispatched a crew to expand its land position by staking additional claims.


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