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TriMetals Mining Announces Drilling Results from Northern End of Jumbo Resource Area at Gold Springs Project in Nevada

TriMetals Mining Inc., (the "Company"), is pleased to announce the results of the third round of drill holes (4 holes) from the northern end of the Jumbo resource area at the Gold Springs Project in Nevada/Utah. This program was designed to extend and fill-in mineralization that was drilled in 2014 and 2015. The Company believes that these four holes clearly show that the mineralization is also extending to the north and includes some high grade near surface mineralization within the same structural trend as seen further south within the Jumbo resource area.

Link to Location Map showing Jumbo resource area:

A complete set of cross-sections through the deposit and a trace map showing the surface location of the RC holes is available here:

The holes are drilled in a block of approximately 200 metres north-south starting 50 metres north of RC J-15-011 drilled in 2015. Intercepts include 4.6 m @5.4 gt AuEq in RC hole J-16-010. All mineralization is interpreted to subcrop a few metres below the surface under a thin layer of post-mineral volcanics.

Link to map and section showing RC hole J-16-010:

Drill Hole Thickness (m) Gold (g/t) Silver (g/t) Gold Equivalent* (g/t)
J-16-010 4.6 5.24 11.47 5.43
Within a wide zone including intervals of waste that averages:
J-16-010 103.6 0.42 2.03 0.46
50 metres further south 2015 drilling intersected:
J-15-011 7.6 2.24 4.86 2.32
J-15-011 47.2 0.50 5.47 0.59
* Gold Equivalent ("AuEq") calculated using a 61.9 gold to silver ratio and assumes 100% metallurgical recoveries. True width is approximately 80-90% of Thickness.

Ralph Fitch, President and CEO of the Company stated "This round of drilling indicates that the mineralization in the Jumbo resource area continues to the north with these holes filling-in another 200 metres of strike length of the zone, where previously we only had one hole. Additional drilling in future programs will plan to further delineate this area and extend drilling both in an east-west sense and continue to the north. This extension to the north is in addition to the just released results (PR 16-27 of December 14, 2016) that show an extension of the mineralization to the south as well."

"Our next press release will report drilling from South Jumbo at the southern end of the Jumbo Structural Trend and ZTEM geophysical anomaly, some 3 km south, at the historic Etna mine where we have already located good mineralization at surface and in our 2014 drilling. Subsequent drill programs, in future years, will drill out this entire zone from the far north to the far south, some 5 km in all."

The most northern hole drilled -- J-16-012, located some 50 m north of J-16-010 -- included a narrow interval of 2 gt AuEq and may not have intersected the entire mineralized system. The other two holes included similar intervals of mineralization. Further exploration drilling is needed in this covered area to pin-point the center of the mineral system prior to infill drilling.

The table below shows the details of the drill results obtained.

Drill Hole From (m) To (m) Thickness (m) Gold (g/t) Silver (g/t) Gold Equivalent* (g/t)
J-16-010 32.0 38.1 6.1 1.47 4.88 1.55
J-16-010 70.1 77.7 7.6 0.54 1.47 0.57
J-16-010 108.2 112.8 4.6 5.24 11.47 5.43
The entire interval including waste assayed:
J-16-010 9.1 112.8 103.6 0.42 2.03 0.46
J-16-011 21.3 25.9 4.6 0.30 8.07 0.43
J-16-012 100.6 103.6 3.0 1.91 6.15 2.01
J-16-013 57.9 67.1 9.1 0.41 6.10 0.51
J-16-013 57.9 97.5 39.6 0.26 3.05 0.31
* Gold Equivalent (AuEq) calculated using a 61.9 gold to silver ratio and assumes 100% metallurgical recoveries. True width is approximately 80-90% of Thickness.

The following table shows the location, azimuth and dip (inclination) of the drill holes:

Drill Hole East North Elevation TD (m) Azimuth Dip
J-16-010 761382.10 4199527.00 2113.48 138.70 270.00 65.00
J-16-011 761397.00 4199395.00 2114.60 135.60 270.00 45.00
J-16-012 761375.00 4199578.00 2118.75 135.60 270.00 65.00
J-16-013 761438.00 4199469.00 2116.83 153.90 270.00 45.00


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