Superior Drilling Products Receives Critical Patent for Strider Drill String Oscillation Tool

Superior Drilling Products, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of drilling tool technologies, announced today that it has been awarded a critical patent that addresses the unique characteristics and capabilities of its Strider™ technology that is a key component of the Company’s Coiled Tubing Strider (CTS) and Open Hole Strider tools for the oil & gas industry.

The U.S. Patent number 3028.006.US, titled, “Fluid Pulse Valve,” was issued February 13, 2017. This utility patent features broad claims that cover the engineering design of the Strider™ technology.

Troy Meier, Founder and CEO of Superior Drilling Products, noted, “This patent validates our team's innovative engineering design proficiency and our in depth knowledge of drilling technologies. Our creativity continues to identify opportunities to drive greater drilling efficiencies. This patent is the first issued of several applications that have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other patent offices around the world for the Strider™ Oscillation System. The January launch of our Coil Tubing Strider introduced this technology and is currently in operation with field service companies that support the completions market.  We expect the Open Hole Strider to reach commercialization later in 2017.”  

The recently patented drill string oscillation tool is composed of two main parts, a hydraulic channeling chamber (HCC) and a rhythmic pulsation chamber (RPC). The RPC contains a precisely engineered, high speed pulse-valve that systematically restricts flow area. During flow restriction, or “closure”, the ideal amount of fluid is allowed to continue down hole. This controlled hydraulic flow produces an optimal pulse frequency, which is preferred for measurement while drilling (MWD) and bottom hole assembly (BHA) equipment. The low frequency also allows for placement of the StriderTM closer to the bit than typical oscillation tools and it does not require a shock sub.

The Superior Drilling Products, Inc. currently holds 14 utility patents globally with 22 applications pending.


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