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First Shipment of Lithium Hydroxide Ready for Delivery from Nemaska Lithium’s Phase 1 Plant

Nemaska Lithium Inc. ("Nemaska Lithium" or the "Corporation") is pleased to announce the first shipment of lithium hydroxide solution (equivalent to 1.2 tonnes of lithium hydroxide monohydrate) is ready for delivery to a client for evaluation. The Phase 1 Plant is now in continuous production mode from lithium sulphate.

Join Jean-François Magnan, Technical Manager and Nicolas Laroche, Electrochemical Process Optimization Engineer, for an explanation on Nemaska Lithium's innovative process. Click here for video:

Phase 1 Plant Commissioning

Below are the steps that have been completed to date as well as upcoming steps:

Step 1 - Pressure Testing and Electrical Systems Start-up - Completed

Step 2 - Membrane Electrolysis Start-Up - Completed

Step 3 - Hydromet Start-Up - Completed

The Company is currently producing lithium hydroxide on a continuous basis using lithium sulphate provided by a client. To do so, the Company commissioned the purification and membrane electrolysis systems of the Phase 1 Plant. The lithium hydroxide produced to date is exceeding purification expectations of Nemaska Lithium's technical team for this stage of plant commissioning. This is a critical achievement for Nemaska Lithium as the systems commissioned to date are covered by the majority of the patents filed or granted to Nemaska Lithium on its proprietary process. To date, the Company's proprietary process is performing at or above expectations.

Below is a simplified flow sheet highlighting the sections of the Phase 1 Plant commissioned in Step 3.

Step 4 - Lithium Hydroxide Samples sent to a customer - Ongoing

A lithium hydroxide solution, equivalent to 1.2 tonnes of lithium hydroxide monohydrate, is ready for shipment to the first client. The lithium hydroxide has been produced using lithium sulfate provided by that client. The client is evaluating the lithium hydroxide solution for use in its process to make cathodes for lithium ion batteries. Nemaska Lithium will continue to ship lithium hydroxide to this customer as it is produced.

Step 5 - Crystallization - Ongoing

The next step will be to crystalize the lithium hydroxide solution. This step involves changing the lithium hydroxide solution into lithium hydroxide monohydrate (solid form). The crystallization section acts as a final purification step removing alkali metals such as sodium and others from the lithium hydroxide. The crystallizer will be commissioned prior to commencing Step 6.

Below is a simplified flow sheet highlighting the sections of the Phase 1 Plant commissioned in Step 5.

Step 6 - Lithium Hydroxide from Whabouchi Concentrate - On Target

The Corporation intends to start processing spodumene concentrate from the Whabouchi Mine into lithium hydroxide samples in Q2 2017 after the commissioning of the calcination and roasting sections of the process. These samples will be sent to numerous potential customers globally.

Below is a simplified flow sheet highlighting the sections of the Phase 1 Plant commissioned in Step 6.


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