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Clean Commodities Acquires Additional Claims at Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project

Clean Commodities Corp. is pleased to announce that the Corporation has significantly expanded the tenure base of its Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project located in Nova Scotia, Canada, through the acquisition of a further 30 mineral claims, bringing the project claim base to 34 mineral claims. The additional mineral tenure is readily accessible by way of local road infrastructure.

"Today's announcement represents a more than seven-fold increase in the tenure holdings of the Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project, the Corporation's inaugural zeolite project. This provides a significant step-change in area exploration ground for us and expands the potential for discovering zeolite-filled amygdule volumes beyond the discrete, central portion of the project that has been subject to historic exploration and drilling by a third-party. We believe our announcement today adds significant exploration potential to the Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project," stated Ryan Kalt, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation.

The acquisition of the Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project, as well as a discussion of the Corporation's forward plans involving the zeolite market, were originally announced by way of a news release dated July 7, 2017.

An updated tenure map of the Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project has been posted on the Corporation's website and may be found at:

The new tenure at the Ogilvie Quarry Zeolite Project was acquired by the Corporation at a cost equating staking fees plus a three percent production royalty.


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