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Almaden Announces Assay Results from Ongoing Exploration Program at Tuligtic Project

Almaden Minerals Ltd. is pleased to announce new assay results from Almaden's ongoing exploration and development program at the Company's Tuligtic project, Mexico. Results reported today are from drill holes TU-17-494, 495, 496 and 497 drilled on sections 10+500 and 10+775 East.

Holes TU-17-494, 495 and 496 intersected significant mineralisation and veining inside or immediately outside of the 2017 PFS pit north of the Main Ixtaca Zone. Hole TU-17-497 expanded the Main Ixtaca Zone to depth. Highlights from these drillholes include the following intercepts:

Hole TU-17-494  SECTION 10+775 EAST Az. 330, Dip -74
18.25 meters @ 0.69 g/t Au and 262.7 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
Including 8.50 meters @ 1.05 g/t Au and 511.4 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
26.00 meters @ 0.19 g/t Au and 346.1 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
Including 8.40 meters @ 0.35 g/t Au and 1035.0 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
Including 4.90 meters @ 0.23 g/t Au and 1704.2 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
Hole TU-17-495  SECTION 10+500 EAST Az. 150, Dip -70
21.00 meters @ 1.57 g/t Au and 49.0 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
Including 1.85 meters @ 10.49 g/t Au and 481.5 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
11.00 meters @ 1.85 g/t Au and 106.5 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
Including 2.20 meters @ 8.13 g/t Au and 498.7 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
26.10 meters @ 0.80 g/t Au and 9.4 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
Including 7.05 meters @ 1.73 g/t Au and 12.6 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
Hole TU-17-496  SECTION 10+775 EAST Az. 330, Dip -85
23.50 meters @ 0.26 g/t Au and 65.8 g/t Ag Ixtaca North Zone
Hole TU-17-497  SECTION 10+775 EAST Az. 150, Dip -55
19.25 meters @ 1.05 g/t Au and 73.5 g/t Ag Main Ixtaca Zone
Including 4.80 meters @ 3.43 g/t Au and 232.1 g/t Ag Main Ixtaca Zone

The mineralisation reported today confirms the presence of additional important zones of veining immediately adjacent to the Main Ixtaca Zone and points to the exploration potential of the project in general. The Ixtaca deposit was discovered in 2010 beneath a large area of largely barren clay alteration which has been confirmed subsequently to represent the upper portions of a gold and silver bearing epithermal vein system. Since the discovery Almaden has focussed its efforts on the development of the Ixtaca Zone, however today's results clearly show the potential for additional mineralisation, not only proximal to the deposit, but more broadly project wide beneath the high level clay alteration.

J.D. Poliquin, chairman of Almaden stated, "When low sulphidation epithermal precious metal deposits are formed, metal bearing fluid rises from depth, filling fractures with quartz, calcite and precious metal minerals. In the highest mineralised areas of the system, the same fluids can be dispersed through multiple smaller fractures to form a sheeted vein zone or swarm such as we have at the Main Ixtaca Zone. The veinlets that comprise the Main Ixtaca Zone individually carry very elevated gold and silver grades, but as they are spread out within a broad area of limestone host rock, the overall average grade is lower. To have a completely preserved system as at Ixtaca is exciting but unusual as many epithermal vein systems in Mexico have been eroded down to the feeder veins where base metals are often abundant, making them by metal content lead and zinc deposits with high precious metal credits. The intercepts reported today further demonstrate the potential for large tonnage sheeted vein zones, as well as bonanza feeder vein zones below. Our 2017 exploration drill program is targeting both."


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