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Five Star Diamonds Provides Update on Jaibaras Diamond Project

Five Star Diamonds Limited is very pleased to provide the following update on its 100% owned Jaibaras Diamond Project in Para State, Brazil.


  • Construction of the 0.5tph bulk sampling plant at Jaibaras is completed.
  • A 20t bulk sampling has commenced on the J3 kimberlite target.
  • On completion of bulk sampling at J3 kimberlite, the Company will process similar sized samples from J1, J2 and J4 kimberlite pipes. J5-J8 kimberlite pipes remain under assessment.
  • The Company has two diamond core drilling rigs operating on the Jaibaras Diamond Project. Initial drilling results from the J1 and J2 kimberlite pipes are meeting the Company's expectations.
  • A total of 34 diamond core drill holes have now been successfully completed on the J1 and J2 kimberlite pipe.
  • Both drilling rigs are currently operating on the J2 kimberlite pipe and 14 holes have been completed.


The Company has commenced its bulk sampling and continues its drilling programme at the Jaibaras Diamond Project. The Company maintains two drilling rigs on site and has commenced a 20t bulk sampling on the J3 kimberlite target. Similar samples will be processed from the J1, J2 and J4 kimberlite pipes. A total of eight kimberlite pipes (J1-J8) have been identified and continue to remain under assessment and evaluation at Jaibaras. Previous mini bulk sampling of the J1 and J2 kimberlite pipes has already resulted in the recovery of gem quality macro diamonds from clay weathered kimberlite.

Construction of the 0.5tph bulk sampling plant is now completed and will commence processing a 20t sample from the J3 kimberlite pipe. The bulk sampling plant is a 0.5tph mobile wash and jig concentrate sampling plant which recovers diamonds above 1.5 mm in size. As observed from recently completed programmes the kimberlite pipes at Jaibaras occur on or very close to surface which allows the Company to quickly test the diamondiferous quality of the pipes. Initial results from the bulk sampling programme should be available in the coming month.

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Diamond core drilling focusing on the J1 and J2 kimberlite pipes is well underway with 20 drill holes completed at the J1 kimberlite pipe and 14 drill holes completed at the J2 kimberlite pipe. Initial results are meeting the Company's expectations with a total of 1,064 meters completed to date.

The key objective of the drill programme is to cross cut the clay weathered zone and penetrate approximately five metres into the fresh rock. This has been successful to date and will allow the Company to delineate the lateral boundaries of the pipe and the vertical depth extent of the clay weathered zone. Once completed this will then provide the necessary data to conduct a tonnage estimation of the J1 & J2 clay weathered zones.

The 5tph Pilot Plant wash and rotary pan concentrate plant, used to complete the pilot programme at the Company's Catalao Diamond project, has been dismantled and is awaiting granting of the trial mining licence prior to mobilisation to the Jaibaras Project.


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