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Northern Superior Announces Initiation of 2017 Exploration Program at TPK Gold-Silver-Copper Property

Northern Superior Resources Inc., is pleased to announce the initiation of the 2017 exploration program on its 100% owned Ti-pa-haa-kaa-ning (TPK) gold-silver-copper property.

The work program will include:

  1. Exploration Program - Northwest Portion of the Property: to define specific mineralized targets associated with this belt through prospecting, till and boulder sampling;
  2. Structural Study - Southeast Portion of the Property: to strengthen the core drill targets previously established from the distribution and concentration of gold grains associated with the unique and remarkable 6km wide part of the TPK gold grain-in-till apron; and
  3. Completion of Upgrades, Rowlandson Lake Exploration Camp: in preparation of a core hole drilling program planned for early 2018.

This property, located in Northwestern Ontario, contains two large, regional, independent mineralized systems:

  1. A laterally extensive gold-bearing shear system, from which, one of North America’s largest gold grain-in-till dispersal aprons extends. Gold grain anomalies of this scale are amalgamated responses from a cluster of gold zones, normally indicating a large gold system or district rather than a single gold zone (see press release, Northern Superior Resources, June 21, 2010). Exploration highlights of this gold bearing system include:
  2. the gold grain-in-till dispersal apron: originally defined as 6 km in width, now defined to extend at least 24km east to west across the property (see press release, December 6, 2011);
  3. within the eastern part of this apron: several gold-bearing boulder dispersal trains returning gold assay values of up to 94.21 g/t gold (see press release, Northern Superior Resources, September 15, 2010; Corporate Presentation,;
  4. discovery of significant gold-bearing mineralization in the Target 3 area: coarse‐grained visible gold was noted in drill hole TPK‐10‐004, which also returned an assay value of 25.9 g/t gold over 13.5 metres (see press release, Northern Superior Resources, December 14, 2010); and
  5. eight, drill-ready gold targets: defined across a 6km wide area in the eastern part of the apron.
    1. A mineralized greenstone belt located in northwest part of the property (see press release, Northern Superior Resources, December 7, 2011), defined by:
    2. a gold grain-in-till dispersal corridor at least 3.5km wide (Keely Lake: see press release, Northern Superior Resources, October 25, 2011);
    3. mineralized boulders entrained within this corridor assaying as high as 727g/t gold, 111g/t silver, 4.1% copper (see press release, Northern Superior Release, June 25, 2012); and
    4. drill results returning grades of up to 4.62g/t gold over 5.5m (see press release, Northern Superior Resources, June 25 and 26, 2012).

Dr. T.F. Morris, President and CEO of Northern Superior, states: “We are very pleased to be back on the TPK property to continue exploration of the tremendous mineral opportunities that this property has to offer. The exploration programs just initiated are designed to better understand mineralization associated with the second mineralized system on the northwest portion of the property, and to set-up a core drill program for early 2018. Also, I cannot emphasize enough how pleased we are to once again work with Neskantaga First Nation, through our joint Early Exploration Benefits Agreement, to advance exploration on the TPK property. The Community’s involvement with our exploration programs on TPK will be essential to the success of those programs.”


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