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Evolving Gold Receives First 28 Sample Assay Results from Toro Property

Evolving Gold Corp. is pleased to announce it has received the first 28 sample assay results that were rush processed at the laboratory. These samples were collected in the first days of a field survey conducted between September 6th and the 15th, 2017. 

The Company is pleased to report that 4 of the samples contained anomalous gold, at up to 38 ppb ("parts per billion") Au. A grab sample from a block of glacial float at the Pistol target contained 38 ppb Au in a sulphide rich quartz vein. The three other anomalous gold results (12, 17 and 29 ppb) were associated with copper (0.189%, 0.030% and 0.112% respectively) and were collected on the Toro 23 and 24 targets. The latter three mineralized samples were found in three distinct mineralization styles: as disseminated sulphides within a basalt unit, as semi-massive sulphide mineralization in basalt, and at the contact between a basalt and a paragneiss unit. The anomalous gold results reported here do not adequately explain the highly anomalous gold in till samples previously reported from samples collected down-ice from targets Toro 23 and 24.

These 28 early results from among a total of 180 samples collected on the Pistol (9 samples) and Toro 23/24 targets (171 samples) provide the first evidence for multiple styles of mineralized structures which may have been the source(s) for the significant gold in till samples previously reported. The Company will now search for structural features which may have promoted the formation of mineral deposits containing gold and other metals of interest by performing an airborne Time Domain Electro-Magnetic (“TDEM”) survey over targets Toro 7, Toro 14 and Toro 18 through 24, as well as the newly staked Pistol claim group.  The TDEM survey will provide the Company with a better understanding of both the regional and the local structural geology of the targets, and will help to determine potential sources of the identified mineralized glacial float (see news releases dated September 14th and 27th).  IOCG (iron oxide copper gold) mineralization, theorized by the Company to be associated with target Toro 7, would respond well in the survey due to its magnetite content.  Potential orogenic gold mineralization in interpreted fault systems and shear zones will become priority targets for further field exploration. The TDEM survey will also identify conductors that may potentially be explained by sulphide mineralization associated with gold and base metals (reported above), yielding another category of exploration targets.

Evolving Gold’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. R. Bruce Duncan stated, “These early results confirm anomalous gold in outcrop up-ice from significantly anomalous gold in till samples. This previously unexplored area of the La Grande sub-province has significant exploration potential.  The detection of gold in the system is a milestone for our greenfield exploration program, which will now focus on identifying and assessing structural and geological features which are known to be associated with gold deposits in the James Bay area of Quebec.”


As previously reported on September 24th, 2017, the SL Exploration Inc technical team collected 483 whole rock grab samples, each approximately 1 kilogram ("kg") by weight. The 28 samples with results reported herein were bagged and tagged, and sent to AGAT Laboratories (Val d’Or QC), where they were prepared for assay. Gold (Au) was determined by pyroanalysis with an AAS finish (protocol 202-051, with a 2 ppb detection limit). The samples were also submitted for sodium peroxide fusion with a ICP-MS/OES finish (protocol 201-378), which provided a 59-element whole rock trace analysis.

The 46 C-horizon glacial till samples previously reported were screened in the field to pass a 5 cm mesh and were subsequently processed to yield concentrates by SL Exploration Inc. technicians. The concentrates are now ready to be shipped to Actlabs, (Ancaster ON) for final preparation and assay. Gold and silver (Au, Ag) will be determined by fire assay with an AA finish (protocol 1A2). Trace element content will be determined using analytical package Ultratrace 7, which involves sodium peroxide fusion with an ICP-MS finish.

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