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Senator Plans for Boulder Train Survey on PNE and Carter Lake Projects

Senator Minerals Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company intends to follow up its radon gas survey on its 100% owned PNE and Carter Lake Projects with a boulder train survey.  A boulder train survey is a systematic prospecting program mapping significant rock outcrops and their radioactivity.

Subsequent evaluation of this data is correlated with glacial movements to establish the origin of the radioactivity.  The investigation and cataloging of radioactive surficial boulders was an integral step in the discoveries at both Fission’s PLS Deposit and Nexgen’s Arrow Deposit.  The survey will be conducted under the supervision of Canexplor Management Ltd., which has extensive exploration experience in the Athabasca Basin.

Once the Company receives the results from its radon cup survey, Canexplor Management will provide a detailed boulder train survey plan for both the PNE and Carter Lake Project areas for review and approval by the board of the Company.  This will be a key step forward in the Company’s discovery of a world class deposit.


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