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Exploration Efforts of Declan Cobalt Results in the Identification of Drill Targets

Declan Cobalt Inc. takes great pleasure in announcing that a compilation of its exploration efforts taken so far has led to the identification of deeper (<700 m) as well as shallow (<400 m) drill targets.

The Property, which comprises of two concessions and four concession application parcels (15,929 ha), is close by and situated in the Czech Republic as well as in Germany. The present work program is focused on the historical Tisová Mine situated on the Czech-German border. In the Cambrian-age strata in the Tisová Mine workings, there exist multiple strata of cobalt- and copper-bearing volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) and magnetite iron formation.

With the integration of the 3D Resistivity and Induced Polarization survey, geological mapping, detailed magnetic survey (prepared by Terratec Geophysical Services), and also the Czech state mining company decommissioning report for the Tisová Mine (1994), Cambria Geosciences, the company’s consultant, was able to complete a 3D geological model for defining drill targets that all lie 700 m underneath the surface.

Paul McGuigan, P. Geo., of Cambria Geosciences has analyzed all the data and chose five target areas that lie along strike from and at a depth underneath the Tisová mine. Drilling is intended to start in early February. All of the targeted areas are located close to farm and forest access roads, and permit applications are well in advance.

Continuing Work Program

  • The 3D model created by Cambria is under the process of being refined and will act as the foundation for the drill hole interpretation
  • Mira Geoscience has been awarded the contract to review the 3D model particularly to determine the relationship between the geological model and the 3D IP and magnetics at depth. The aim is to create deep drill targets and to help in ascertaining the design of additional geophysical surveys across the border into the German part of the Property.
  • It is expected that the geologist, drilling contractor, and assistants will be mobilized in early February
  • The application process for geology, geophysics, and drilling permits on the German portion has started

The team brought together to advance the exploration have successfully integrated the historical data and the modern geophysics to define excellent first pass shallow drill targets on Declan’s Czech-German copper-cobalt project. Declan’s drilling in February will further enhance our understanding of Tisova’s potential.

Wayne Tisdale, President and CEO, Declan Cobalt Inc.

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