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Itronics Expands Golden Valley Prospect at its Auric Fulstone Polymetallic Project

Itronics Inc., an “Innovative Zero Waste” technology company that specializes in producing silver products and GOLD’n GRO fertilizers, has recently reported that the geologic scope of the “Golden Valley Prospect” has been expanded by its subsidiary company, Whitney & Whitney, Inc.

The Golden Valley Prospect is part of Itronics’ Auric Gold & Minerals, Inc. Fulstone polymetallic gold exploration project located in the Yerington Mining District in northwestern Nevada. It was elucidated as a Tertiary polymetallic low sulfidation gold system in a previous press release.

Samples from the Golden Valley Prospect are indicating robust gold mineralization that is accompanied by anomalous copper, lead, zinc, and silver.

Field inspection was conducted recently which revealed that the robustly altered leached zone spreads approximately 4000 ft to the southwest of the initial sample grid and could be round 1000 ft wide along this length.

Geochemical soil sampling performed in the past detected anomalous copper and zinc values along the length of this valley and also successfully detected anomalous gold values along the south, west, and north of this valley.  In addition, induced polarization lines crossing this valley denote that mineralized rocks extend considerably to a depth of 2000 ft. Therefore, the combination of these corresponding anomalies makes this an extremely robust exploration target.

Moreover, the combined mineralized region is approximately 5600 ft in strike length with diverse widths up to more than 6000 ft.  Based on induced polarization measurements, the mineralized rocks may extend to a depth of roughly 2000 ft inside this zone.  Approximately 0.85 square mile forms the total surface area and roughly 3.7 billion tons constitute the total mass of rock within the delineated area to a depth of 2000 ft. This makes the zone a massive exploration target for drilling.

Currently, no drilling has been done within the prospect region, and no defined mineral resources exist. The prospective presence of minerals is denoted by geochemical sampling, surface geologic mapping, as well as induced polarization geophysical survey lines crossing the anomalous mineralized area specified by surface sampling.

We are planning a phase I work program to obtain more detailed geological, geochemical, and geophysical data to develop detailed information about the distribution and surface mineral content at specific locations within the prospect area that will be used to plan a drilling campaign to measure the potential resource.

John Key, Vice President Projects, Whitney & Whitney, Inc.

John Key is also the President and Chief Operating Officer of Auric Gold & Minerals.

Furthermore, within the Buckskin Range, the Golden Valley Prospect happens to be the third gold occurrence to be detected and is also the second surface occurrence.  The first occurrence is a high-grade gold-copper surface vein system located at the Buckskin Mine approximately six miles to the south and was identified in the early 1900s.  The second occurrence is a deep high-grade copper-gold system located roughly three miles to the south and was identified by Anaconda Copper in the early 1970s; however, that occurrence was not developed.

In addition, the Yerington Mining District has been found to host a number of multi-hundred-million-ton copper deposits and is conducive to discovery of further large deposits.  The Fulstone Project is one among the more prospective regions in the district that is yet to be drilled.

It is a tertiary polymetallic low sulfidation gold system and provides the possibility for discovering near surface gold, copper, lead, zinc, and silver, which are special and can possibly be much more valuable when compared to other prospects in the district, which are predominantly enriched in copper.

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