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Jourdan Commences Soil Sampling Program on Claims in Quebec

Jourdan Resources Inc., a Canadian junior mining exploration company, declared that it has started a soil sampling program on the majority of its claims. It is situated in the traditional lithium mining district of Preissac-La Corne, which is around 35 km north of Val-d’Or in Quebec, Canada.

Jourdan Commences Soil Sampling Program on Claims in Quebec.
Soil sampling location on the Jourdan properties, which are approximately 35km north of Val-d’Or. Image Credit: Jourdan Resources Inc.

The sampling program is being hosted on a 400 m × 200 m regional grid and constitutes a pre-cursor to a potential future drilling program. A field crew comprising geological and exploration technicians has been mobilized to the area and has started gathering soil samples.

The collection of soil samples is being carried out with the help of two-person teams fixed with shovels and picks. Samples are being gathered from the b-horizon at a depth varying from 10 cm to 90 cm. Around 1,000 sites are planned to be sampled.

So far, the soil sampling method, which makes use of both in-situ and pXRF analysis directly in the field, is functioning in a very efficient manner to test such huge areas in a quick, affordable and rigorous manner.

Samples are being examined on a daily and weekly basis for tantalum (Ta) and rubidium (Rb) by the latest model X-505 portable XRF gun from SciAps. Furthermore, samples are sent to Impact Global Solutions (IGS) lab in Delson, Quebec, for pathfinder element analysis.

The goal of the soil sampling program is to determine lithium anomalies and showings in areas of well-known lithium mineralization at Baillargé, Preissac-La Corne, Duval Lithium in La Motte, as well as Vallée Lithium. Also, the Company’s expects to begin a geological mapping and prospecting program in the forthcoming days to run parallel with the soil sampling program.

Sample data gathered consists of the depth of the sample, UTM location, moisture content, color, texture (sand, silt, clay), and percentage, angularity, and lithology of pebbles and or cobbles. Samples gathered amount to nearly 1 kg of material and are kept in plastic sample bags.

Moreover, wet samples are placed into 5 ml plastic Ziploc bags to avoid contamination. However, at the end of the day, all samples are placed inside the Company’s shop facility on a rack and dried for a minimum of one week prior to shipping to Impact Global Solutions (IGS) lab in Delson, Quebec.

The geochemical soil sampling program was developed and is being sampled by GeoTasks Inc.'s technical team from Sudbury, Ontario. Their technical team is supervised by OGQ-compliant senior geologists.

We are not only committed to the establishing an initial mineral resource at Vallée, our flagship property, but we are focussed on the further exploration at our Baillargé and Preissac-LaCorne properties.

Dr. Andreas Rompel, Executive Chairman, Jourdan Resources Inc.

Rene Bharti, Chief Executive Officer of Jourdan Resources says, “Jourdan is pleased to begin exploration on its other significant properties. The Company is keenly focused on establishing an initial mineral resource estimate at Vallée in the near term and commencing a drill program in the near future at its other two properties, Baillargé and Preissac-La Corne.

With such a relatively large land package, Jourdan is fortunate to have other extremely interesting properties to explore and develop. We anticipate announcing our initial resource estimate on our Vallee property in the near term, but will continue to move towards an aggressive exploratory drill campaign on our Preissac-La Corne and Baillarge properties.

Rene Bharti, Chief Executive Officer, Jourdan Resources Inc.

At present, the Company has completed a 3,629 m drill program and was intended to follow up on the results of a 40-ton bulk sample gathered in 2018, the fence line drilled in 2011, and follow-up drilling in 2021 alongside the western side of the Company’s Vallée property. This borders the North American Lithium mine.

As expected, the drilling program considerably enhanced the known deposit at the Company’s Vallée property in the east direction. Since February 2022, 18 holes of nearly 200 m depth have been drilled, each targeted at the pegmatite swarm determined by the trenching of the bulk sample gathered on the Vallée property in 2018.

The assay outcomes from the bulk sample disclosed high Li2O grades, which have promoted the Company to keep on exploring and drilling along the depth and strike extents of its Vallée property.

Jourdan has considerably expanded its database by adding more drill holes since the beginning of the exploration work in 2011. The 2011 drilling consisted of 21 drill holes (4,256 m), the 2021 campaign comprised of eight drill holes (1,680 m), and with the finished 3,629 m in 2022, Jourdan has over 9,490 m (47 holes) of core that the Company plans to use in the future to set up an initial mineral resource estimate.

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