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Medaro Announces its Technology Development and Upcoming Exploration Programs

Medaro Mining Corp. has announced an update on its Double Closed-Loop Chemical Process for Recovering Lithium, Aluminum, and Silica from a Calcined Spodumene Concentrate and the 2022 exploration program. The multifaceted venture intends to enhance inventive spodumene processing technology concurrently with its lithium-focused exploration in Canada.

Medaro Announces its Technology Development and Upcoming Exploration Programs.

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The technological procedure for extracting lithium from spodumene is still developing quickly. The majority of the testing has been finished, and the company is now concentrating on the optimization procedure and refinement. Researchers have enlisted other outside laboratories to confirm the findings while the lawyers are drafting the application for the patent application.

In light of the fact that the 2022 Field program is now well underway, Medaro would like to give an update on what has been achieved and what is scheduled to occur in the next months:

Yurchison Lake Northern Saskatchewan — Uranium

Phase one of the two-phase program for the exploration work at Yurchison, which included a re-evaluation of earlier exploration data, was successfully carried out on July 15th, 2022.

Additionally, a six-person team worked on ground prospecting, mapping, and sampling tasks to verify past mineralization locations and their extensions, as well as surveying new zones and areas of interest using portable spectrometers and scintillometers.

Around 585 samples of soil and rocks have been gathered to date. The findings of the analysis should be available in four to six weeks.

The program’s second phase is scheduled to start on August 5th, 2022. This Phase will include diamond drilling, which should take around four weeks, as well as an aerial magnetic, very low frequency (VLF) electromagnetic geophysical, and radiometric survey to help identify prospects for additional exploration.

Superb Lake Thunder Bay, Ontario—Lithium

Superb Lake’s field program has been planned for the 2022 season. A four-person crew spent three weeks exploring, mapping and sampling the area. Overall, 161 samples were collected, and the findings of the analysis, which will take four to six weeks, were forwarded to the laboratory.

An airborne geophysical survey using magnetism and electromagnetic waves will comprise phase two of the field program. The Company is now collecting proposals from qualified contractors and will distribute work in accordance with budget and schedule.

CYR South James Bay — Lithium

In the second week of August 2022, a field team will be mobilized for the CYR project, in which a ground geophysical survey using a ground magnetometer, VLF, and surface radiometrics, will be carried out over the course of 30 days.

The crew, when surveying the northeastern portion of the property while simultaneously undertaking a geochemical profile over the same grid, will use a regulated grid of lines and stations with equal spacing.

Lac La Motte Val D’Or, Quebec—Lithium

Medaro originally optioned Lac La Motte back in May 2022. It is located in a large lithium prospecting area about 45 km west of the town of Amos.

They laid out a diamond drill program of eight to ten regions of interest after an area reconnaissance field prospecting and sample campaign was carried out to verify earlier data and discover additional prospects. They hired Forage Hebert Inc. drilling contractors in June to complete at least 1,000 m of drilling.

Hebert was picked so that Medaro could get the most out of the contract since they are based in Amos, the workers would not need to provide housing as they would travel from home, and mobilization expenses would be as low as possible.

The rig is a B-20 with NQ core rods, allowing for simple site mobility, transport, and affordable mobilization. Drilling on the project will be wrapped up in the coming weeks after drilling an initial ten holes.

Darling Val D’Or, Quebec—Lithium

In the active lithium exploration region of Northwest Quebec, the Val D’Or mining region, Medaro Mining recently optioned the Darling property. A field prospecting, mapping, and sample program for the land has been planned by the company and will be carried out in August.

It is also possible to trace the structures and expansions of known pegmatite outcrops using a ground magnetic geophysical survey.

Medaro is excited to provide shareholders with an update of our progress to date. We will continue to provide shareholder value through the advancement of our technology program and advancement of our exploration programs in both support of our technology and focus on energy metals. We will continue to focus on adding to our portfolio of projects in these sectors, with a focus on Quebec area projects.

Michael Mulberry, CEO, Medaro Mining Corp.


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