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Bridgestone Unveils New Mining Solution Service to Enhance Tire Durability and Fleet Efficiency

Bridgestone Corporation today announced a new mining solution service to estimate tire durability using a proprietary algorithm originally developed by Bridgestone. The new offering was introduced in July 2023 to the Spence copper mine (Pampa Norte operation) in Chile, which is part of BHP Group Limited & Plc. This service will be used to propose the optimal tire maintenance timing and driving routes for the mine.

Operations at Mining Site

Based on Bridgestone Mastercore, Bridgestone supplies a range of mining solutions that help maximize the productivity and economic value of mining operations by combining real and digital capabilities. Now the company's mining solution is evolving to a new stage, which is to strengthen tire wear life estimation using the algorithm originally developed by combining Bridgestone's extensive tire knowledge, industry experience, and digital capability. This solution service's algorithm utilizes fleet operating data securely provided by customers to help estimate tire durability, prevent tire damage caused by inappropriate tire maintenance, and propose the optimal tire maintenance timing and driving routes. The data used in these evaluations includes vehicle tire replacement history, as well as on tire temperature and pressure, vehicle location, driving speed, and other data collected from Bridgestone iTrack next-generation mining vehicle tire monitoring system. The service thereby contributes to customer value in the forms of lower tire-related costs and reduced vehicle downtime. It also contributes to sustainability through improved resource productivity and longer usage of tires.

The Spence mine now using Bridgestone's new mining solution service produces copper, which is an essential ingredient for electrification and is used in electric vehicles, housing and the manufacturing of products including whitegoods. The world needs more copper supply to meet expected demand over coming decades. Operations at the copper mine are required to optimize productivity to ensure reliable efficient supply to customers around the world.

Under such circumstances, unplanned tire repairs or changes caused by unpredicted tire damage can diminish efficiency of fleet operation, increase cost, and potentially increase environmental impacts. Bridgestone's algorithm provides notification of the optimal timings for maintenance by combining and analyzing vehicle operating data from the mine with data from Bridgestone iTrack and Bridgestone's tire-related expertise to predict tire abnormalities. We are also providing tools that help achieve the best tire pressure for various temperature ranges.

"At the Spence mine of BHP-Pampa Norte, we want to improve productivity and reduce waste while also improving the performance and extending the lifespan of our tires. In this context, we have partnered with Bridgestone to improve monitoring and management in order to sequence optimum maintenance and prevent unscheduled stoppages. We have thus started a new project that is incorporating management tools that are available through Bridgestone's new technology. We recognize Bridgestone's willingness to take the challenge, do what needs to be done, and propose improvements," said Carlos Ruz, Mine Production Manager, BHP Group Limited & Plc.

"This mining solution service is a new challenge for Bridgestone to take on. It combines our "Dan-Totsu" products with data analysis based on our tire expertise to deliver new value to customers. I am incredibly pleased that this solution, which was realized through co-creation with the Spence mine of BHP-Pampa Norte, is contributing to improvements in operations. Going forward, Bridgestone will continue working to optimize mining operations and improve resource productivity with unique solutions that are closely tailored to client needs," said Nobuyuki Tamura, Vice President and Senior Officer, responsible for G-MICA(Global Mining, Industrial, Construction and Aviation, Bridgestone Corporation.

Through the provision of mining solutions that combine digital technologies and services, Bridgestone strives to achieve the corporate commitments of "Efficiency: Committed to maximizing productivity through the advancement of mobility" and "Ecology: Committed to advancing sustainable tire technologies and solutions that preserve the environment for future generations" described in the "Bridgestone E8 Commitment."


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