Hewlett Packard Helps MMG Compute in the Cloud

Hewlett Packard (HP) is making it easier for the Minerals and Mining Group (MMG) to communicate in-house in a multi million dollar IT transformation. When MMG took over OZ Minerals it had two infrastructure backbones. Then adding to the confusion was the fact that OZ Minerals had been formed by merging Oziana and Zinifex.

So getting information on the in house system in existence had become a major problem. This problem will now be solved with HP stepping in to smooth over the processes and replacing all separate company software with a common one for all desktop hardware in use.

The chief information officer (CIO), Peter McLure, said that people logged in to two different domains in the morning. Depending on which side of the house they came from, communications across the domains didn't work very well. It was all getting in the way, and it wasn't globally scalable, so they had to address that.

He added that they were adopting this ‘hybrid cloud’ in two stages. The first stage was to transition services over to HP so they were in a position to take it over. The Zinifex side of the business was using HP but not to the same extent that they were proposing now. At the beginning of June they moved services over to the HP help desk based in Manila, Philippines.

The second stage which includes implementation of the ‘hybrid cloud’ model will begin the rollout in June. The CIO said that they had moved from buying a hosting service, where they buy the computers and they provide the applications, to a situation where they were just buying a service, commonly know as SaaS or Software as a Service. They were specifying the service and HP was providing it for them.

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Joel Scanlon

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