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UEX Reports Exploration Results from Colette Deposit

UEX has released the results of 22 directional holes and three pilot holes from the exploration program conducted at the Colette deposit, which is in the Shea Creek project. Anne, Colette, Kianna and 58B deposits are present in the Shea Creek.

The unconformity mineralization has been extended towards the north by the drill holes at the Colette’s SHE-66 series. Mineralization is exposed towards the east and to the north of the Douglas River project and UEX’s direction.

Mineralization in the drill holes SHE-66-3 and SHE-66-2 has overlapped the unconformity (UC) that expands for more than 25 m above the UC.

The holes SHE-66-2 and SHE-66-3 are present 30 to 50 m towards the north of former hole SHE-52 that returned 7.55% U3O8 over 2.7 m, 4.29% U3O8 over 7.8 m and 2.34% U3O8 over 16.8 m at the unconformity. A flat-lying mineralization lens has been outlined at the UC through collective drill holes.

UEX will need an infill program between this area’s extensive drill holes to appraise the zone expansion and high-grade pods. Major faulting lies in these drill holes, which signifies the cellar mineralization prospective at the downdip of the formations.

Besides the drilling the Colette’s north portion, this program examined mineralization expansions in the Colette’s south. According to the former drilling at Colette, the unconformity’s high-grade mineralized level was feebly outlined.

UEX has outlined the Colette’s unconformity mineralization over a strike of more than 900 m length. A basement mineralization zone was encountered in several holes drilled during 2007 and 2008 at the deposit’s southern portions. The company has cut this cellar-housed mineralization over 250 m strike, including 23.93% U3O8 over 0.5 m, 12.38% U3O8 over 0.5 m and 3.23% U3O8 over 8.0 m in the hole SHE-111-06.

As a part of the exploration, UEX has drilled the holes at the Colette region. One drill rig is currently in operation at the Kianna deposit and will continue drilling in November 2011.


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