Element Six Announces Its First United States Synthetic Diamond Manufacturing Facility In Silicon Valley

Element Six, the world leader in synthetic diamond supermaterials, today announced the opening of its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley. The facility will house employees in the production, technical and customer service fields, and will serve to establish a direct connection to Element Six Technologies Division's customers and partners in the U.S. The company's continued expansion into the U.S. market is in direct response to the growing demand and interest in synthetic diamond for commercial use in advanced technology applications.

“With our new Santa Clara facility, we will build on our 25% year on year growth, and deliver innovative products which enhance productivity, reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs.”

Technology developers using Element Six synthetic diamond benefit from the many unique extreme properties, including its unparalleled hardness, thermal conductivity, optical and electro-chemical properties. As a result, synthetic diamond is increasingly being recognized as the 'ultimate' supermaterial.

The use of synthetic diamond is disruptive in a diverse range of sectors. For example, its thermal conductivity and electric insulator properties can result in step-change reductions in semiconductor device operating temperatures, creating significant competitive advantage. Other innovative applications of synthetic diamond's extreme properties include reducing operational costs of high-power CO2 lasers, enabling environmentally friendly water treatment systems, quantum computing, magnetometry and bio-medical sensors.

"As the pioneers of the commercial CVD diamond markets, we have the technical excellence, capabilities and track record to develop entirely new applications for synthetic diamond," said Cyrus Jilla, CEO of Element Six. "With our new Santa Clara facility, we will build on our 25% year on year growth, and deliver innovative products which enhance productivity, reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs."

With over 50 years of experience and a substantial on-going investment in R&D, Element Six is the world leader in the manufacturing of high-quality synthetic diamond for industrial applications. The company has decades of process and material development that give it a unique insight into the properties of synthetic diamond and its applications. The company has also recently announced the construction of the world's largest and most sophisticated synthetic diamond supermaterials research and development facility in Oxford in the UK.

Element Six extreme performance solutions provide over 3,000 customers worldwide with consistently superior quality and a greater return on their investment.

About Element Six

Element Six (www.e6.com) is an independently managed synthetic diamond supermaterials company. Element Six is part of the De Beers Family of Companies and is co-owned by Umicore, the Belgian materials group. Element Six is a global leader in the design, development and production of synthetic diamond supermaterials, and operates worldwide with its head office registered in Luxembourg, and primary manufacturing facilities in China, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa and the UK.

Element Six supermaterial solutions are used in applications such as cutting, grinding, drilling, shearing and polishing, while the extreme properties of synthetic diamond beyond hardness are already opening up new applications in a wide array of industries such as optics, power transmission, water treatment, semi-conductors and sensors.

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