President Putin In Person Will Award The Laureates Of The Global Energy International Prize 2012

The laureates of the Global Energy International Prize 2012 - RAS academicians Valery Kostyuk and Boris Katorgin, as well as UK professor Rodney John Allam – will soon be receiving their awards from the Russian President Vladimir Putin in person. The official ceremony will be held on June 21 at 5:30 p.m. Moscow time as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

"The prize commands great prestige along with recognition of an exceptional contribution to science and, in a broader sense, showcases the ability to tackle our planet's energy-related challenges," noted Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at last year's official award ceremony.

The year 2012 has witnessed heightened interest among the scientific community in cryogenics and its use in the energy industry.

Boris Katorgin, a Russian physicist and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was named a laureate of the prize for his scientific research high-efficiency liquid propellant rocket engines (LPRE) which run on cryogenic fuels.  Mr. Katorgin believes that mankind today can take pride in "the breakthrough into space, harnessing atomic energy, and work on nuclear fusion." It is no coincidence that his technological developments have been used for flights into space on U.S. Atlas rockets.

Both doctor Valery Kostyuk - member of the Russian Academy of Science and Russian Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciencesand professor Rodney John Allamleading chartered engineer and member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers - won recognition for the development of new processes and new equipment for production of gases and cryogenic liquids and for the development of technologies that allow the use of these gases for electricity production.

Mr. Kostyuk is working on the implementation of the cryogenic technology in high-temperature superconductor materials. "If we manage to fulfill our plans in the energy and superconductivity spheres, we will certainly receive many different practical solutions. In my opinion humanity is developing rapidly in this sphere," Mr. Kostyuk said.

Over the last 20 years professor Allam has been working to develop new and efficient energy systems. Right now he is focusing on a project for the use of liquefied oxygen to obtain energy. "I am pleased and proud to receive this prize! It's particularly important for me to see the practical implementation of my developments.  These include the rollout of an absolutely revolutionary energy technology which combines high energy efficiency, low capital outlays and zero environmental impact," Mr. Allam said.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the International Global Energy Prize Awards Ceremony. "Among the international community our Prize has rightfully been referred to as the 'Russian Nobel Prize.' During its short but rich history it has become one of the most prestigious international prizes, confirming the importance of and demand for energy development issues throughout the world," said Igor Lobovsky, President of Non-profit Partnership Global Energy, when speaking about the prize.

The official ceremony will be broadcast live and may be viewed online at the home page of the Global Energy website by following the link:

Following the ceremony, a press conference "Global Inventions for the Major World`s Energy Problems Salvation" will be held on June 22. Leading Russian, foreign scientists and the laureates of the Global Energy Prize 2012, as well as renowned industry experts will discuss the outlook of the world energy sector.

To learn more about the Global Energy Prize please contact Julia Nikishkina, Corporate Communications, at [email protected] Furthermore, all journalists accredited to St. Petersburg International Economic Forum can also send an email to Julia to participate in the press conference.

About the Global Energy Prize

The Global Energy Prize awards over US$1m  each year, and thus far has been granted to 27 scientists from around the globe, including past Laureates from the US, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Russia, Ukraine and Japan. The President of the Russian Federation participates in each year's award ceremony held at the conclusion of a week-long celebration of the awardees' work, Laureates' Week.  Other world leaders who have supported the prize include the former US President George W. Bush, former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, former French President Jacques Chirac and current Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper.

The Prize rewards innovation and solutions in global energy research and its concurrent environmental challenges. The degree to which a development contributes to the benefit of humanity is a key driver in deciding the recipient of the Prize.!/ge_prize

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