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Silver Is Investors King Due To More Demand & Less Supply

Stephen M Smith who is the managing member at Smith McKenna, LLC has been following silver for decades. He argues that a silver investment is actually a better choice for investors over gold right now, for the very reason that some choose to ignore it. Silver has very large ties to industrial uses and is heavily influenced by supply and demand. Because of this and the constant advancements for its applications, investing in silver now before the global manufacturing machine kicks into overdrive, means higher potential gains by investors.

Silver has both usage and value. With amplified demand coming from developing global economies, and China expected to increase their demand as well for industrial uses and investments; investors will only own a small portion of above ground silver bullion. Essentially less supply and more demand; the perfect equation for a wealth creation repeat that was temporarily cut short in 2011 due to global disasters like the devastating tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

Smith firmly believes that the price of silver could potentially double over the next few years, and has been accurately predicting macroeconomic trends for over 20 years. He's currently offering a FREE investing book to a limited number of people in order to educate the public on how to invest in silver, and increase their chances of success from the start.

When gold rises, so does silver; mostly associated with their precious metal properties as a historical form of money. What separates silver is its larger link to industrial applications and products like solar panels and medical equipment which is on the rise. Smith notes that traders and investors are looking at 2011 price moves from last year and projecting a possibility of them coming around again. When the precious metals market repeats itself, as it has done many times in the past; silver is going to emerge as the king, outperforming other precious metals. Those who invest in silver, and are positioned right, stand a great chance at a possible wealth creation that could be lurking right around the corner.

Europe policy makers still have a lot on their plate, and are likely to initiate easing and recovery with considerations of stimulus plans, and the possibility of printing more Euro currency. Once the precious metal market responds to these plans, alongside increased investor support; it could send gold and silver prices through the roof.

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