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Oxford Instruments and Green Imaging Technologies To Unveil New Applications At The SCA Symposium

At the 2012 SCA Annual Symposium, to be held at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre, August 27th – 30th, Oxford Instruments and Green Imaging Technologies will present new applications software for measurements of spatially resolved T2 data, and their new Applications Builder package to allow research users greater flexibility in instrument operation.

Visitors to SCA will be able to hear a presentation from Dr Derrick Green, CTO of Green Imaging Technologies, entitled "Applications of a New Technique to Acquire Spatially Resolved NMR Petrophysical Data". This presents results using an exclusive patent-pending technique to measure T2 as a function of position. The NMR property T2 is known to be influenced by many petrophysical properties including pore size, wettability and fluid type. This new measurement technique provides the ability to measure T2 as a function of position in the rock core and will lead to a better understanding of reservoir characteristics such as recoverable reserves and production rates, and will help design enhanced oil recovery (EOR) strategies.

Oxford Instruments and Green Imaging will also show their new GIT App Builder software package which allows research users to write and test their own pulse sequences and measurement protocols, and then generate packaged methods to be run by laboratory technicians.

Also on view will be the Oxford Instruments GeoSpec2 NMR core analysis system. GeoSpec is the industry standard, with installations in almost every major oil producer and SCAL laboratory world-wide. Oxford Instruments' partnership with Green Imaging Technologies guarantees complete hardware and software integration which makes it possible for core analysis laboratories to obtain comprehensive NMR core analysis results without the need for an in-house NMR expert.

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