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Eagle Star Discovers Sizable High Grade Phosphate at Bomfim Hill

Eagle Star Minerals Corp. is pleased to announce excellent results of a 5 meter interval averaging 22% P2O5 within a pit opened at the Bomfim Hill (Target D1).

Detailed mapping completed at a 1:10,000 scale has revealed that this mineralized package consists of a high grade phosphorite layer which appears to extend over an area of 1,200 x 500 meters and within the test pit to a minimum thickness of 5 meters. The intersection remains open in depth.

This pit of interest was the first opened at the Bomfim Hill and the current reported analytical results were obtained from portable XRF measurements averaging 22% P2O5 from surface to 5m depth. The 22% grade was obtained by averaging XRF readings across the interval, which varied from 18 to 30% P2O5. Previous laboratory analysis of phosporite samples (grab and chip) at Bomfim Hill returned up to 28% P2O5 which is consistent with the reported XRF results. The Company conducts field XRF analysis using industry recognized sample preparation and analysis protocols, and has conducted sufficient quality control using the XRF method to believe that although the method cannot be relied upon to have the equivalent precision and accuracy of a certified analytical laboratory, the results are of sufficient quality to direct exploration pending analytical laboratory confirmation.

Previous analytical work was conducted by SGS Geosol Laboratorios Ltda. at their Vespasiano facility in Brazil. SGS Geosol is an ISO certified laboratory and as part of the SGS group of laboratories is widely recognized as an expert in geochemical analysis and assaying.

The phosphorite outcrops locally (1.5m measured) and blocks are commonly found all around the hill. The mineralization is stratified by nature and therefore it typically exhibits lateral continuity. The phosphorite rock types (laminated phosphorite, brecciated phosphorite and stratified phosphorite) present at Bomfim Hill occur along a phosphate belt and within MbAC Fertilizers ("MbAC") Itaf¨®s Mine located 10kms away. From 2010 to 2011 MbAC generated approximately $8.8M in revenue from the small scale production and sale of just over 80,000Mt of this phosphorite ore (SEDAR:MbAC MD&A year ended July 31st 2010/2011). Following in the footsteps of MbAC, and in light of this recent discovery, Eagle Star is planning to test the processing and use of the Bomfim Hill phosphorite as direct application material during the coming year.

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