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Dorado Equities to Leverage Merger/Sale Negotiations due to Increasing Prospects in Triple Belt Region

There are a limited number of mineral claims in the Ester Creek Area. With the prospects of the "Triple Belt" rush in the region, Dorado Equities Inc., owners of approximately 50,000 acres of mineral rich claims in the Triple Belt Region, has elected to leverage its merger/sale negotiations with further prospecting core samplings due in the near future.

A substantial offer to buy the company from an unnamed foreign company was on the table however the company management team believes that making a deal now would leave more on the table.

Recent news of increased diamond exploration and recovery in North America as well as rich Rare Earth Elements (REEs) being produced in Alaska has created a second and third mineral belt to add to the already well known gold and silver deposits in the area. Triple Belt mineral claims are in high demand and nearly all are under ownership.

The Mineral Exploration industry has seen a rising increase in the number claims being prospected in Alaska since 2008 and it seems there is no ceiling in site. It is well understood that timing in the mining industry requires desecration and it is surely the better part of valor. Dorado Equities Inc. believes that by developing its claims with what would be favorable core sampling reports, the company (Dorado Equities Inc.) would be in a stronger leveraged position for negotiations.

In the Alaskan "triple belt" region time is on the claim-holders side and the North American mineral industry has been on a steady incline and doesn't look to change anytime soon.

Dorado Equities Inc. A Land Management Company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with management properties in Texas and Alaska. Company has offices in Alaska to manage its large Mineral Claim Acreage is Ester Creek. The company's mineral claims are in an area known as the Tintina Region and have been the center of interest with the discovery of rare earth elements and diamonds.

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