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Greenlight Resources Updates on Exploration Program at Brazil Lake Property

GREENLIGHT RESOURCES INC. (TSXV.GR), announces an update on its field exploration program on the Brazil Lake Lithium and Rare Metal property in Nova Scotia. 

Three new primary target areas have been identified, which are in addition to the known North and South pegmatite dikes. The three new targets, identified by pegmatite boulder float trains include the Deerfield, Army Road and Church Road areas. Several other areas containing pegmatite float have been identified and will be followed up in later programs.

Field crews have recently completed an initial exploration program on the Church Road target which is part of a systematic program designed to identify other pegmatites on the property.  Boulder surveys indicated an anomalous area  approximately 500 meters wide and 300 meters long.  Spodumene bearing pegmatites provide good evidence for a significant spodumene source to the north of the Church Road.  Spodumene bearing boulders are fairly common within this anomalous area but more significantly, shards and fragments of spodumene are found in the till along the road beds and skidder trails traversing the area.  The recently completed program focused on following the spodumene fragments up-ice, back towards the possible source area. A series of back-hoe pits were dug down to a depth of 4 to 4.5m and profile samples of the till face were taken at one meter intervals along the pit face. The till samples were then wet screened at -1/4" and -1/16" and counts of the number of  spodumene fragments were taken from each sample. Results to date indicate that both the size and frequency of the spodumene fragments increase with depth in the northernmost pits indicating a source area nearby.

The field exploration program is expected to recommence shortly which will include two months of sampling, trenching and prospecting in an attempt to find the sources of the Church Road pegmatite float.  The program will include other targets at Army Road and Deerfield which have similar glacial dispersion float trains.

Drilling Update

Greenlight has recently completed its phase one drilling program on the Brazil Lake property comprising 28 cored holes totalling 2,652 meters.  Cores have been split and samples sent to the assay lab. Results are expected shortly.  One of the objectives of the drill program will be to update the NI 43-101 report with a defined resource.  

On June 17, 2010, the Company filed a NI 43-101 compliant report on the Brazil Lake property.  Approximately 30 holes were drilled by the property's previous private owners.  Results indicated that cores returned Li2O grades of economic interest.  More specifically, hole BZ-02-15 returned a weighted average Li2O grade of 1.47% over a true width of 12.53 meters, beginning at a down hole depth of 30.9 m, and BZ-93-4 returned a weighted average grade of 1.27% Li2O over 20.9 meters true width, beginning at a down hole depth of 47.1 meters. These intercepts and others contain sub-interval Li2O grades exceeding 2.5%.

John F. Wightman, M. Sc., FGAC, P. Eng., a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101 is responsible for the technical information contained in this release.

Other Potential Rare Metals and Industrial Minerals

Prior work on the Brazil Lake pegmatites has also been directed toward definition of valuable mineral or metal components additional to lithium, and preliminary results show that potential exists for creation of industrial mineral products such feldspar, quartz and mica.  The company is also investigating potential for recovery of rubidium, tantalum and tin from the pegmatites.  On March 2nd, the Company announced assay results from drill holes which addressed other rare metals contained within the Brazil Lake pegmatites.  These included rubidium ("Rb"), beryllium ("Be") and tantalum ("Ta").  Examples of the grades included Hole #02-15 in the lithium pegmatites which returned values up to 1,398 parts per million ("ppm") Rb over 15.3 meters including 2,625 ppm Rb over 4.2 meters.  Hole #02-24 in the lithium pegmatites returned Be values of up to 200 ppm  over 35.8 meters, including 304 ppm Be over 14.9 meters.  Also, hole #93-2 in the lithium pegmatites returned Ta values of up to 102 ppm over 24 meters, including 541 ppm Ta over 1.0 meter. (One parts per million is equal to one gram per tonne)

Porcupine-Upper Miramichi REE Property

On October 15th, the Company announced the signing of a letter of intent to earn up to a 100% undivided interest in the Porcupine-Upper Miramichi Rare Earth Property in New Brunswick.  The primary target is the various rare earth elements (REE) that were discovered in soil samples on the property in 2007.  Soil assays for REE's include Samarium (Sm), with reported with grades of up to 218 ppm (g/t) and Dysprosium (Dy) with grades of up to 98.6 ppm (g/t), Neodymium  (Nd) with grades of up to 1190 ppm (g/t), Ytterbium  (Yb) with grades of up to 31.3 ppm (g/t) and  Yttrium (Y) with grades of up to 472 ppm (g/t).  Reported assays for Heavy REE's include Terbium (Tb) with grades up to 20.3 ppm (g/t) and Ytterbium (Yb) with grades up to 31.3 ppm (g/t) while reported light rare earth metals include Cerium (Ce) with grades up to 459 ppm (g/t) and Lanthanum (La) with grades up to 1,300 ppm (g/t).

Source: Greenlight Resources Inc.

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