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Element Six's 3-D Percussive Diamond Inserts Win Mining Magazine's 2013 Exploration Award

Element Six, the global leader in synthetic diamond supermaterials, is delighted to have won the recently announced Mining Magazine's 2013 Exploration Award for its 3-D Percussive Diamond Inserts (PDI).

Element Six was selected from three finalists within the Award's Exploration category.

Element Six's 3-D PCD inserts can drill up to 10 times longer than is possible with conventional tungsten carbide inserts, and have been shown to be suitable for drilling in a variety of rock types from sandstone to granite.

Launched in April 2013, the 3-D PDI uses proprietary polycrystalline diamond (PCD) technology to combine geometrical and material aspects to optimise the impact and wear resistance properties of the PCD dome. This technology was developed by Element Six's world class team of engineers and materials scientists to deliver superior and reliable performance in aggressive formations under severe application conditions, as well as significantly increase penetration rates.

Element Six's new 3-D PDI technology results in: improved drill bit lifetime up to 10 times; reduced costly rig downtime for service and maintenance; improved contractor profitability also from fuel savings and competitiveness; as well as increased project productivity.

Markus Scharting, Business Development Manager Mining, says: "We are delighted to have won this award. The 3-D PDI has the long term potential to change the mining industry's expectations for drilling penetration rates in underground and open cast mining, as well as in geothermal and water well drilling. This is a great example of how our customers and end users are able to realise tangible benefits from our on-going innovations."

Element Six is one of the world's foremost producers of synthetic diamond mining tools and components, having been supplying the mining and tunnelling markets for over 15 years with innovative solutions. In designing the 3-D PDI, Element Six brought to bear over 50 years' experience of applying the unique properties of synthetic diamond into multiple advanced engineering applications.

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For more information on the Percussive Diamond Inserts, please contact Markus Scharting, Business Unit Manager, by telephone on +49 6947 8846 948, email [email protected]


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