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Boart Longyear Introduces New S250-M3 Rock Drill

Boart Longyear, the world’s leading provider of drilling services, equipment, and performance tooling, has introducedthe new S250-M3 rock drill.

New S250-M3 Rock Drill from Boart Longyear

The S250-M3’s advanced noise suppressionand lower vibration represents a significant improvement over the existing S250 rock drill. This advancement improves drilling production and decreases the fatigue to ears, hands, and feet.

The main airflow cylinder channel and the exhaust of the S250-M3 have been engineered to allow for efficient actuation of the drill. The new design drivesmore of the drill’s energy to the face of the rock,which reduces vibration and the amount of energy the driller’sbody has to absorb.

“Adrill operator stated that it was the first time he could feel his hands and feet after using a rock drillfora full shift,” said John Nielson, global product managerat Boart Longyear. “The S250-M3 reduces the noise level by 6 decibels, which results in half the noise.”

When compared to the leading competition, the S250-M3 showed a 50 percentreduction in noise level, 39 percent increase in torque, and a gain of over 6 inches in penetration per minute at 110 PSI. The components of the S250-M3 also experience less weardue to the decreased vibration, which allowsthe drill to operate longer without repair and reducesrebuild costs.

The S250-M3 comes in three primary variations to match specific customer needs — jackleg, stoper and sinker.The drill hex chuck ends are available in both 22 mm and 25 mm.

Safety is incorporated into the design process of all Boart Longyear products and the S250-M3’s noise suppression and lower vibration result in less user fatigue. Boart Longyear also recommends a comprehensive hearing conservation program to effectively deal with elevated noise levels.


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