Sul Mulroy

Sul Mulroy

Freelance Writer

M.Earth.Sci. Earth Sciences (Geochemistry)

Sul completed an Integrated Masters degree in Earth Sciences (MEarthSci) at the University of Manchester specializing in Geochemistry. A keen interest in Economic Geology and Ore Mineralogy led him to return to Manchester to complete a Ph.D. in Environmental Geochemistry and Geomicrobiology, studying cobalt, nickel and manganese mineralogy and biogeochemistry in lateritic deposits. He has taught undergraduates Geochemistry, Mineral Deposits, Ore Mineralogy and Microscopy, mentored Ph.D. and MSc students and performed experiments at the UK Synchrotron at Harwell.

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His most recent research has included biosynthesis of magnetic nanomaterials used in industrial waste remediation and metal recovery.

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