Mining Dynamics 3D View

Mining Dynamics 3D View

Mining Dynamics 3D View displays complex 3D objects in a web browser eliminating the need for expensive and complex third-party applications, and the expertise required to use these applications just to view data. Anybody in the organisation with a web browser and the appropriate security permissions can view the objects. Information can be viewed quickly and easily by the right people.

Mining Dynamics 3D View allows:

  • Visualising of models including rotating, panning, zooming.
  • Interrogating models for metadata.
  • Selecting multiple items, or ‘scenes’ within a model to build a comprehensive view.
  • Transforming disparate map grids into a unified model automatically. The models may have different file formats, coordinate systems, and attributes; however, all the models are opened in Mining Dynamics 3D View with a common coordinate system.

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