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Improving Mining Operations and Data Management with Micromine

The value chain in the mining industry produces huge amounts of data every day. It is crucial to manage the data to make better decisions and improve efficiency and day-to-day operations. Micromine solutions efficiently and securely manage data to optimize asset value.

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Why the Mining Industry Needs Modern Technologies

Mining operations are becoming less productive today than a decade ago and experts state that the mining industry is under pressure with cash flow. The mining industry is focusing on optimizing the existing assets to improve productivity and reduce the cost of mining operations.

However, a rethinking of how mining operation and data management work is needed to improve productivity. Many industries are going through a digital transformation as it provides a competitive advantage and growth for the companies. The mining industry is no different.

Mining differs in many ways compared with other industries, with its operations being highly variable depending on the nature of the resourcing being mined. Mining operations happen in extreme environments and far from distant places with uncertain conditions.

Moving resources such as manpower and equipment can be challenging, and it consumes more time to manage and collect data accurately and securely from a remote mining location.

However, it is vital to collect data securely and process it efficiently to improve mining operations. Disciplined execution in mining operations requires modern technological solutions such as Micromine for smart planning and scheduling.

Micromine offers an innovative mining software to improve mining operations and data management, which will help reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve safety performance, and realize operational efficiency improvements.

Micromine – Overview

Micromine is the leading provider of innovative technologies for mining. Solutions range from geological discovery, data management, resource management, design, planning and production control over end-to-end processes in mining.

Micromine is a cloud-based software that offers multiple mining solutions. The mining software helps to improve data management and mining operations such as geological exploration, resource management, mining cycles, mine design, planning, and production management. It has a simple and user-friendly interface.

How Micromine Solutions Improve Mining Operations and Data Management

Micromine offers an integrated software suite for mining operations and data management. Unlike legacy systems or old-style excel, the data does not sit in a back system or anyone’s desk, rather it is safely stored in a reliable cloud system.

Micromine uses data analytics and intelligence, including machine learning and predictive analysis, which uses improved statistical techniques for integrating data. This helps process big data sets to gain insight into the probability of future events.

Smart statistical and optimization algorithms are also used to manage complex mining tasks such as on-the-day scheduling, geological modeling, and predictive maintenance.

Below are the solutions offered by Micromine which help to improve mining operations and data management. 

Micromine Solutions

Areas where solutions can help in mining operations and data management

Micromine Geobank

Micromine Geobank offers flexible and efficient ways to manage data such as collecting, validating, and securely storing geological data. The insight gained from this data can help to assess and make decisions with confidence.

Micromine Origin

Micromine Origin is a complete exploration and 3D modeling solution that enables the integration, validation, and interpretation of critical exploration data. Micromine Origin helps you to move your exploration forward faster.

Micromine Beyond

Micromine Beyond is a one-stop solution for open-pit and underground operations to help with mine design, planning, scheduling, and surveying.

Micromine Alastri

Micromine Alastri is an intelligent and intuitive integrated open-pit mine planning software.

Micromine Spry

Micromine Spry is a solution for fast mining scheduling and haulage.

Micromine Pitram

Micromine Pitram is a solution to manage equipment, personnel, locations, and material data, providing a holistic and accurate view of your operation, visible in the control room and on mobile devices.

Micromine Precision Mining

Micromine Precision is not software but a consulting service to help you in diverse areas such as mine planning, resource estimation, mine feasibility, equipment selection, cost estimation, and due diligence consulting services.


Australian gold company Bardoc Gold (ASX: BDC) uses Micromine in the 3.02-million-ounce Bardoc Gold Project, located 50 km north of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. The project is uncovering potential growth and depends on Micromine Geobank software for safe, efficient, and flexible data management.

The RC sample data collected in this project are efficiently collected in hand-held devices, thanks to Geobank mobile which helps to log data at or close to the point of collection. This also helps to ensure secure and reliable data storage.

The Future of Digital Mining Technology

Many mining companies still rely on inefficient systems to manage, collect and use data to improve mining operations. Other industries are moving forward with digital transformation to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

For mining companies to be competitive in the digital era, experts urge the mining sector to modernize its core technology infrastructure to reduce costs, improve safety and efficiency, and enhance productivity. 

However, a complete transformation of core technology may be challenging, particularly given the mining industry’s reliance on legacy technology systems.

Micromine, a progressive mining software technology provider helps miners make their transition to a digital core technology from legacy back-end systems as quick and seamless as possible. 

Micromine is a great addition to the mining industry as it continues to innovate in this space to help miners to improve mining operations and data management. Micromine Nexus, due for release in 2022 is Micromine’s latest solution to unite the team data.

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