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Rogue Resources Begins Drilling Program at Femelle Silica Project

Rogue Resources Inc. ("Rogue" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that drill crews are on site and that drilling has commenced on the Lac de la Grosse Femelle silica project ("Femelle") located approximately 42 kilometers ("km") north of Baie-Saint Paul, Québec, situated on the St. Lawrence River, and 4 km northeast of Sitec's operating silica mine.


The first of two drill rigs has arrived on site and has begun testing the extent of Quartzite Units "G" and "D", including their purity, depth, width, and the length of extensions below surface.

  • Drilling at a rate of 24 hours per day is underway and is scheduled to be completed by mid-to-late November.
  • First drill hole GF15-01 on the "G" quartzite unit has been completed.
  • Pending results, the Company may increase the initial 5,000 meter ("m") drill program.

To view a drill location map click on the link below:

"Added to the discovery of a new pure white quartzite unit at the Femelle project, considerable work has been completed prior to the start of our 2015 drill program, including line cutting, prospecting, clearing and cleaning quartzite outcrops, preparing drill sites, mapping, and channel sampling. All are designed to help the Company further interpret the "G" and "D" quartzite structures and incorporate these structures into a resource estimate planned for early 2016," commented Company President and CEO, John de Jong. "Our first priority is to determine the widths, strike length and structures along the east-northeast trending quartzites and confirm the consistency of high purity silica through drilling."


In preparation for the current drill program, line cutting, clearing and cleaning multiple quartzite outcrops, prospecting, mapping, conducting an airborne VLF geophysical survey, channel sampling, and the building of drill platforms began in May 2015. This work was completed with the intention of defining the high purity silica zones along the quartzites of Zone E and Zone G (sample J210609 assaying 99.54% SiO2, see press release December 16, 2014) as well as localizing the quartzites of Zone D.


Mapping the property grid started on May 29 and was completed at the end of June on 22.8 km of cut lines.

New Quartzite Discovery

Prospecting and mapping resulted in the discovery of a third quartzite unit 230 m north of the main quartzite zone. This unit is 70 m wide, traceable over 400 m, and is a white coarse crystalline massive hard quartzite with little or no staining.

The main quartzite has been mapped as an 80 m wide quartzite with a strike length of 1,580 m. The quartzite is white with pink coloring with fractures that are pronounced, coarse, massive and hard.

Another quartzite unit was located south of Femelle with widths of 20 m by 120 m strike length.

Channel Sampling and Assays

Fourteen channels have been marked onsite and testing at four areas containing two main quartzite trends has been completed. A total of 256 samples were collected and sent to SGS Laboratory ("SGS") in Québec City, Québec for XRF and ICP analysis. Assays results are expected imminently.

Photo 1. Stripped outcrop of the high quality quartzites and channel sampling:

Structural Evaluation

Dr. Trygve Hoy, P.Eng, PhD, completed a structural evaluation of the Femelle silica property in July, reporting on four of the quartzite units, one which was discovered through prospecting. He concludes that the quartzite found at Femelle represents a single layer that has been repeated by a tight to isoclinal syncline-anticline fold structure (a layer of quartzite that folds down and then up and turns back sharply). The oldest rocks are exposed in the core of the anticline, the youngest in the syncline to the north. Exploration and mapping has extended the north limb of the syncline considerably. Dr. Hoy recommends further evaluation of the extent of the quartzite in the north limb to be undertaken along with prospecting along inferred extensions, additional channel sampling and drilling.

To view a geological map of the Femelle project showing structures and main lithological units, click on the link below:

To view results from the recent Heli-borne MAG survey showing location of quartzite layers and main structures; note inferred offsets of the northern quartzite layer by northeast trending faults (modified from J. Simard, 2015), click on the link below:

To view a schematic cross-section of area, click on the link below:

Photo 2: Quartzite outcrop adjacent to South Road on Quartzite unit "G":


A base line desktop study has been completed by WSP of Québec City. This study has identified and catalogued physiographic sensitive areas on the claims (marshes, creeks and lakes), fauna and flora present at Femelle project. In addition, the study by WSP provides guidance on community relations, available labour and services in the region, tourism in the area and any uses of the land near Femelle (i.e. hunting, fishing, recreation and mining - Sitec). WSP also outlined guidelines and studies that will be required during the progression of the exploration program, advanced exploration and development stage. During the current drill program, WSP will be identifying what data must be collected for geotechnical studies, environmental reviews, rock mechanics and sample analysis.

About Rogue Resources Inc.

With its diverse portfolio of properties, all in good standing, the Company has the ability to focus its efforts and finances on the project that demonstrates the greatest market potential for return. The recent investment of $382 M by the Québec provincial government in Grupo FerroAtlantica, one of the world's largest silicon metal producers, to build a silicon metal plant located near our silica property is a great foundational point to launch this silica rich quartzite property.

The Femelle Project is located approximately 42 km north of Baie-Saint Paul, situated on the St. Lawrence River, and is 4 km northeast of the Mine Sitec silica mine, in operation for over fifty years. Access to the project is via a paved highway and well maintained forestry access roads.

Qualified Person

The Lac de la Grosse Femelle exploration project is under the direct supervision of Eddy Canova, P Geo., and Senior Vice-President of the Company, a Qualified Persons ("QP") as defined by National Instrument 43-101, assisted by Alain-Jean Beauregard, P.Geo., and Daniel Gaudreault, Eng., Geo. of Geologica Inc., and Dr. Trygve Hoy, P.Eng, PhD, all independent QPs as defined by National Instrument 43-101. The Company's QP has approved the scientific and technical content of this release.

On Behalf of Rogue Resources Inc.

John de Jong

CEO & President


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